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AfreecaTV Starleague Season 4: Seoul Qualifier

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[e][h]AfreecaTV Starleague Season 4: Seoul Qualifier
League Information
South Korea Seoul
Liquipedia Tier:

Seoul Qualifier[edit]

Notable Participants[edit]

Protoss Protoss Terran Terran Zerg Zerg
South Korea Britney South Korea Scan South Korea Killer
South Korea Tyson South Korea Sea South Korea Jaedong
South Korea Stork South Korea Last South Korea Larva
South Korea Mini South Korea sKyHigh South Korea EffOrt
South Korea Horang2 South Korea Mong South Korea MIsO
South Korea GuemChi South Korea Rush South Korea hero
South Korea Sky South Korea Mind South Korea July
South Korea Zeus South Korea sSak South Korea Revival
South Korea Rain South Korea Sharp South Korea Hyuk
South Korea Reach South Korea Dragon South Korea Terror
South Korea Lazy South Korea firebathero South Korea beast
South Korea Shuttle South Korea Iris South Korea N.Die_soO
South Korea Pusan South Korea BoxeR South Korea Action
South Korea BeSt South Korea Light South Korea SoNiC)BlacK
South Korea Snow South Korea SaiR South Korea ZerG
South Korea Olympus South Korea 910 South Korea Falcon
South Korea Noble South Korea RandomParkSa South Korea Yugioh
South Korea RainBOw South Korea PianO South Korea ZeLoT
South Korea Hint South Korea HoBBang South Korea JwaJa
South Korea Wolf South Korea Lomo South Korea Chavi
South Korea Pure South Korea Ample South Korea Bale
South Korea ajuk12 South Korea KangTaeWan South Korea Check
South Korea Say South Korea ClouD South Korea Force
South Korea Gwak  — South Korea GoRush
 —  — South Korea Doochi
 —  — South Korea By.Spire
 —  — South Korea Saint
 —  — South Korea Hm
 —  — South Korea Calm


Bracket A[edit]

Bracket B[edit]

Bracket C[edit]

Bracket D[edit]

Bracket E[edit]

Bracket F[edit]

Bracket G[edit]

Bracket H[edit]

Bracket I[edit]

Bracket J[edit]

Bracket K[edit]

Bracket L[edit]

Detailed Results[edit]