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2 Fact Vult/Mines (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Terran2 Factory Vultures/Mines
Mine contains prevent early pressure
Strategy Information
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The "Two Factory Vulture / Mine" Build Order is a very aggressive opening by Terran. It is designed to punish greedy expansion behaviour by Protoss or Tech openings like a Dark Templar Rush. Consequently, the Vulture opening also means to sacrifice macromanagement benefits early on in order to obtain map control within the first ten minutes of the game.

Build Order[edit]

This Build Order only explains the rough outline of the actual game. Transitions, worker cuts and attack timings alter. See also: Execution

"Two Factory Vulture / Mine"
  • 9/10 - Supply Depot
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 11/18 - Refinery
  • 16/18 - Factory[1][2]
  • 16/18 - Supply Depot
  • 18/26 - Factory[2]
  • 22/26 - Supply Depot[3]
  • @1st Machine Shop 100% - Research Ion Thrusters
  • @2nd Machine Shop 100% - Research Spider Mines
  • @ 100% Factory - constant Vulture production
  • 28/34 - Supply Depot
  1. Marines should be trained constantly after this point; however the second Factory timing should not be delayed
  2. 2.0 2.1 Machine Shop added as soon as the Factory is complete
  3. depending on the mineral line 23 Supply


At the beginning of the game, Terran relies heavily on the intel provided by the scouting SCV. If Protoss opens with a Tech Build Order, such as a Dark Templar rush, or a relatively greedy one Gate Fast Expansion, Two Factory Vulture can be chosen.

The first steps are straight forward. The initial Marines and the Vulture deny any possible Zealot harass and should deny Probes from scouting. In a best case scenario Protoss doesn't have the ability to see three SCVs harvesting Vespene Gas continuously, as this is one of the signs for Protoss to anticipate an incoming early harassment by Vultures.

Depending on the opening, the Vultures are used to put pressure on Protoss as soon as possibly. If Protoss opened with Dark Templars, the first Spider Mines should be placed near the own choke to intercept the cloaked Melee units. Only if the own base is secured, the Vultures should be used to harass. If Protoss opened with a Reaver Drop, the second or third Vulture should place several Mines near the most likely drop location in the own base. Against greedy one Gateway Build Orders, the first Vultures will instantly be used to try to attack and kill Dragoons with Mines in the opponent's Natural Base.

In most scenarios Vultures alone are not enough to completely kill Protoss. Instead of wasting Vultures, Spider Mines should be placed in between the Protoss and Terran base, to delay any incoming counter attack by Protoss. Once the Protoss player tries to move out and clears Mine Fields with an Observer and Dragoons, Vultures can be used to backstab an undefended Natural Expansion and/or the Main Base. It is the highest priority to stall counter attacks and to delay a third base by Protoss.

Depending on the scenario, Terran will take his Natural Expansion once the Vulture harassment will be denied by an increasing amount of Dragoons. Only against Dark Templars relentless pressure might pay off. If an expansion is built by Terran, the ordinary mid and late game strategies are used as transition out of the original build.

Theoretically, it is possible to transition into a contain in front of the enemy's Natural Expansion as well. This can be achieved by adding Siege Tanks and Siege Mode to the army mix. For this to work, the initial Vulture harassment should have caused a significant amount of money; if the harassment did not work well enough, Protoss will be able to break the contain rather easily.


The Vulture opening is the direct hard counter to early Dark Templar Rushes and drops. It can furthermore punish fast Reaver Drops. However, two Gateway Builds and well played one Gateway Expansions might soft (or hard) counter the opening.

Notable Maps[edit]

Maps with wide choke points towards the opponent's Natural Expansion support the strategy, especially if it is combined with a higher ground like on Blue Storm. Maps with backdoor expansions like Andromeda or Electric Circuit usually render the early pressure useless.

Notable Games[edit]