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2 Gate DT (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Protoss2 Gateway Dark Templar
Dark Templar!!!
Strategy Information
Protoss vs Protoss
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This is a cheesy build in Protoss vs. Protoss that is meant to end the game before your opponent has detection against cloaked units.

Build Orders[edit]

Generally the production of Probes will always be in progress.

2 Gate DT Vs. Protoss
  1. Block ramp with Zealot and Probe, to prevent scouting

Ideally, you may choose to proxy another Gateway, so that right when your Dark Templar Tech finishes, you can build two Dark Templar instead of one. This requires cutting Probes, but since you weren't really planning on going into lategame anyway, this is okay.

There is another build that involves going from a two gate, but I'm going to need to edit it in here later.


This build is basically all in, as even with reduced Economy, it should allow you to gain a significant advantage. If you aren't able to do damage, you are probably behind because your economy will be behind, and as soon as your opponent gets Observers, you lose your contain. Also, your unit count is fairly low. However, you can use your Dark Templar to scout. If you can survive, and get your expansion up at about the same time, then you may have a chance, although your probe count will be lower than normal.

The limiting factor in this strategy is gas. Therefore, the moment you start your dark templar, your forge should also begin and your next pylon should be at your natural entrance for detection instead of a robotics facility. You should always get your nexus first before adding any canons. If you cannot get into your opponent's base, keep track of when he gets his natural expansion and use the DTs to scout.

The strength in opening with DTs is the superior tech you will have. After you get down your nexus, your next priority will be 1-2 cannons followed by storm tech with HT. Accumulating HTs early on gives you the advantage later on in having lesser HTs because they can storm twice instead of once.

You should add cannons as appropriate to his aggression and be wary of reaver harass as well.


With this style of play, you're trying to get Dark Templar out as fast as possible. If you can get your DT there before their Robotics Facility is finished, or sometimes even started, it's almost an instant win. There are several games where both players go Dark Templar, and then it's an elimination race to see who has the last building standing.

Countered By[edit]

  • 1 Gate into Robotics Facility into Observer.

Counter To[edit]

  • 2 or more Gate Dragoons
  • expanding after 1 Gate Dragoon

Notable Maps[edit]



Blue Storm

Peaks of Baekdu


Notable Games[edit]