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2 Gate Zealot (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]ProtossTwo Gateway Zealot
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The "Two Gateway Zealot" openings refer to a number of different Build Orders, which aim to pressure the Terran early on. Their use is limited and they're theoretically easy to counter by Terran. However, if the initial rush with Zealots is successful, Protoss gains a significant advantage early on and will most likely win the game.

Build Order[edit]

The following tables list all thinkable Two Gateway Zealot openings.

"9/10 Gateways"
slight economical disadvantage
  1. Probe is being used to scout

"10/12 Gateways"
solid economy
  1. Probe is being used to scout
"9/9 Gateways"
strong economical commitment
  1. Probe is being used to scout

"9/9 Proxy Gateways"
strongest economical commitment
  1. Probe is being used to scout


Regardless of the chosen Build Order, the Protoss builds Zealots as fast as possible and scouts the Terran base early on. If Terran did not build a wall-in with Depots and Barracks the Zealots can attack the defending Marine and the SCVs. Usually, the Zealots target especially SCVs building important structures such as a defensive Bunker or a Facility.

If the Terran prepared a Wall-In, the Protoss can try to prevent it from being finished completely. On most spawning positions two Supply Depots and one Barracks are needed to keep out Zealots. If scouted early on, the second Pylon can be placed in the gap the second Depot closes, so to keep it permantently open.

Transitions out of 2 Gateway Openings are rarely used, since the either Terran dies from the first attacking Zealots or defends without losing too many units. If both players could not end the game in one way or the other, Protoss usually transitions into an ordinary game if he opened with a non-proxy Build Order (not having built the Gateways outside of his own base). In other scenarios Protoss can try to rush to a Dark Templar Tech or prepares a second delayed attack with higher tech units such as Dragoons.

Notable Maps[edit]

Theoretically, a 2 Gateway Opening can be used on any map. However, two player maps are usually supporting the strategy, as the Protoss can easier stop the Terran from walling with the help of his scouting Probe. Shorter walking distances between the bases furthermore increase the success of a Zealot rush.

Four player maps with big walking distances support the idea of a Proxy Gateway rush, as its rarely seen.

Maps on which Terran can build a wall-in with only two buildings (e.g. Lost Temple's 9 o'clock position) are particularly bad for 2 Gateway Zealot Build Orders.

Notable Games[edit]

Carthage South Korea Protoss Stork Lost Saga MSL
South Korea Terran go.go
Date: 2009-01-29
Patch: VOD