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2 Hatch Hydra (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Zerg2 Hatch Hydra
Strategy Information
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The 2 Hatch Hydra is not a common build, mostly because it is only suited for maps where the Nexus can be sniped with range upgraded hydras such as Destination or Peaks of Baekdu. Generally, the build consists of destroying the scout probe before the Protoss can see what you're up to. The Protoss player absolutely must not see the absence of a 3rd Hatchery or he will get suspicious.

Build Order[edit]

The early part of this build order can be anything from 9 Pool Speed to 12 Hatch. The major point of deviation would be to place down the Extractor immediately after the Natural Hatchery has been placed. In the case of 9 Pool Speed, resume mining gas after the Hatchery has been placed. The best initial build would probably be a Pool first build so you can easily kill his scout before he notices the lack of a third Hatchery.

  • @100 % Extractor send 3 Drones to mine Gas
  • @50 Gas - Hydralisk Den
  • 16 - Overlord
  • @150 Gas - Hydralisk Range
  • Immediately after - Start Hydralisk Production
  • Move out at when you have 12 Hydralisks.
  • @Next 150 Gas - Hydralisk Speed (while maintaining Hydralisk production)


Once you have 12 Hydralisks, move out to the Protoss natural and snipe any cannon that can threaten your Hydras. Then, set the Hydralisks to hold position and hit the Nexus. Continue to bring reinforcements from your main and natural. Snipe any cannons that the Protoss tries to put up that will hit your Hydras. Generally, 12 hydras is sufficient to snipe the Nexus. After the Nexus is destroyed, engage the remaining cannons. If the Protoss decided to build a lot of cannons, back off and start to macro. Since the Protoss is now confined to 1 base and has invested many minerals into cannons, you can macro safely with a large lead.

If you fail to either kill a lot of Probes or take down the Nexus in this attack, then you have certainly lost.

Countered By[edit]

  • Well designed Sim-City.
  • 1 Gate Tech - You should adjust your build once you realize he's going 1 Gate Tech.

Counter To[edit]

Notable Maps[edit]


On any map where you can easily snipe the natural Nexus:


On any map where Protoss has a solid Sim-City:



- Stork vs Kwanro