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2 Port Wraith

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[e][h]Terran2 Port Wraith
Strategy Information
Popularized by:

This article is about the 2-Port Wraith build used in TvT. For the TvZ build, see 2 Port Wraith vs. Zerg

2 Port Wraith has been recently popularized by Flash who defeated Classic in the Winners Match, Group B 3set IeSF 2009 Star Invitational. Wraiths aren't an end-game strategy, but you can place 2 factories after your harass is done and use wraiths only for scouting and killing floating buildings while you get tanks.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9/10 Supply Depot
  • 11/18 Barracks
  • 12/18 Refinery
  • 13/18 Start Supply Depot
  • 16/26 Factory
  • 22/26 2 Starports
  • 22/26 Supply Depot
  • 30/34 Supply Depot


As you will not be making many Marines early game you will be weak to 2 Factory Vults so a wall may be necessary


You can transition into dropship play like boxer in 2001 with firebat drops to kill expansion SCV or into a dropship play style that uses tanks and goliaths.

Wraith Grouping[edit]

Clustering your wraiths together to make them fire and move seemingly as a single unit is very important for effective harass. To do this, you need to select your Wraiths in addition to another unit that will remain far away from them and/or not able to respond to the commands that you only want your Wraiths to execute. As a Terran, there are multiple units that can fit this role:

  • A trapped unit, such as a Marine blocked by other Marines (especially next to your wall) or an SCV trapped by buildings
  • A tank in Siege Mode.
  • A SCV which is currently building (your Supply Depot SCV(s), for example).
  • Any unit in your base if you walled-in

Terran Response[edit]

  • The Terran will usually build Goliaths and turrets for detection.
  • He might also make academy for detection but that is a limited defense.
  • Never let turrets be complete.


Some maps like Neo Medusa have a cliff edge behind the Minerals so it is easier to pick off SCVs as the goliaths will not have vision or enough range. Maps like Python which have an open area around the Mineral patches are harder to harass so keep this in mind when choosing to use this Build.


Do not solely rely on your Wraiths to win you the game as they are not units that are meant to finish the game. Whilst controlling your Wraiths remember to Macro as failure to do so can mean that you do not have a strong enough army or have sufficient Tech to survive.

You should have 3-4 marines and one vulture move out and harass, main objective is to kill his marines so your wraiths are not attacked by some shitload of 5 marines and bonus is that your opponent will probably think, that you just went typical FE build and that you are not noob who behind walls makes wraiths.

After first vulture, make addon, research mines and keep making vultures. After 2 wraiths are done, make another wrath, while addon for cloak is being make in other port. So you end up with offensive wraiths which get cloak soon, defense based on mines against some weird tanks/goliath push, and possible wall off if opponent went mass vultures. Your expansion follow soon after you observe whats the situation and what is your enemy's build... but basically you expand asap.

Its and easy win against low players and doable start against decent players. Its in no way some power build that will give you easy wins against Terrans 2 ranks about you, but I like this build and from time to time its nice to surprise enemy with it.

If its scouted too soon, you are dead, if you delay some supply or have no good rally point or multitasking you are in trouble... you need few games to train it.