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2 Port Wraith (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Terran2-Port Wraith
Strategy Information
Popularized by:

This article will focus on the 2-Port Wraith used in TvZ. 2 Port Wraith was originally popularized by ElkY defeated GoRush in the Loser Bracket Finals of WCG 2001. In 2008 and later, 2-Port Wraith build has been put into frequent use by Leta and Lomo. The key and the effectiveness of this build relies on quality of Wraith control, for a Wraith Micro Training UMS Map see the thread Grobyc's Micro Pack. If used correctly it can harm the Zerg's economy which gives Terran the advantage for mid-game and late game. After the Wraith opening the Terran can transition into Mech or Bio. If the harassment fails or is not substantial then the resources gone into the Wraiths can put the Terran behind.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9/10 Supply Depot
  • 11/18 Barracks
  • 12/18 Refinery
  • 13/18 Start Supply Depot (see note)
  • 16/26 Factory (see note)
  • 22/26 2 Starports
  • 22/26 Supply Depot
  • 30/34 Supply Depot

Then transition into a Mech build or a Bio build. By watching the Zerg's progression you can alter your Engineering Bay and Academy timings.

Build Order Details[edit]


As you will not be making many Marines early game you will be weak to all-in Zergling rushes, correct Walls can help you defend against such attacks. The Terran Walling Guide provides information on Zergling safe walls.

13 Start Supply[edit]

Start building a Supply Depot with the SCV that is building the Barracks when you hit 13 supply. Then stop construction with the SCV (do not cancel the building itself) and continue Barracks construction. After the Barracks is built then finish the started Supply Depot. The reason for this is that it can stop early Zergling rushes provided the wall is Zergling safe.

16 Factory[edit]

Build 2 or 3 Vultures to harass the Zerg while the Wraiths are being built. With good Vulture and Wraith harassment you can damage the Zerg economy enough for an easier mid-game and late-game. Some players build the Factory outside the base, closer to the enemy so that the Vultures can reach the base faster and do more damage.

Spire Timing[edit]

The Zerg will usually respond with Hydras and Mutas and after you have 2 or 3 Wraiths the Spire will be completed, however this is not a set rule.


The most common transition is into a strong M&M build as the Zerg will respond with Hydras. M&M are strong against Hydras providing they are not behind in upgrades. If you do want to transition into Mech you will have to rely on Vulture harass to distract the Zerg whilst you get a strong Mech army, this takes some time because the 2-Port Wraith Build is already gas heavy. Hydras can also fare better against Mech than M&M.

Overall Gameplay[edit]

Early Game[edit]

Use your Vultures and Wraiths to do as much harassment as you can. Do not get carried away with the Wraith Micro otherwise your Macro will suffer and you will not have enough units to survive a Zerg push. If you spot a Spire then build an Engineering Bay and build turrets so that if you are transitioning into Bio your Marines can't get picked off. However, do try and secure your natural as staying on one base whilst building Wraiths and a starting main army can be hard to achieve. If you see an Evolution Chamber be careful not to lose your Wraiths to Spore Colonies as they can be hidden by Overlords. A common timing for Wraith Cloak is after you have 6 Wraiths (the Add-on allows for Dropships) however you can delay if you feel that your harassment is working well, then spend the rest of the resources on building your main army.

Mid Game[edit]

If your harassment is proceeding well then the whichever branch you transition into, Mech or Bio, will finish off the game. However, if you are faltering in your harassment then upgrading Cloak would help as it helps the Wraiths to survive against Muta attacks. With good Micro you can pick off Mutas out of Overlord detection range. With the Zerg having put resources into the Mutas the ground force will not be strong however a push with both Mutas and Hydras can run you over. The Zerg may transition into Lurkers so by proper scouting with the Wraiths you can get an Academy built and be ready to scan for Lurkers. You could also use the Wraiths to pick off Lurkers. If you see a Queens nest then do try and snipe the Queens as they will most likely be used to Ensnare your Wraiths which means they can get completely wiped out.

Late Game[edit]

If it gets to Late Game it means that your Wraiths are now insignificant and you will transition into a Mech Late Game or a Bio Late Game. The Terran Strategy article can give advice for Late Game.

Wraith Grouping[edit]

Clustering your wraiths together to make them fire and move seemingly as a single unit is very important for effective harass. To do this, you need to select your Wraiths in addition to another unit that will remain far away from them and/or not able to respond to the commands that you only want your Wraiths to execute. As a Terran, there are multiple units that can fit this role:

  1. A trapped unit, such as a Marine blocked by other Marines (especially next to your wall) or an SCV trapped by buildings
  2. A tank in Siege Mode.
  3. A SCV which is currently building (your Supply Depot SCV(s), for example).

Zerg Response[edit]

  • The Zerg will usually build a Hydra Den and spend resources on Hydra Tech. They would also get Overlord Speed as well. Do not be put off by the Hydras as good Micro can still do sufficient damage.
  • Hydras at the minerals will be protecting both the Drones and the Overlords.
  • Mutas are also made to try to gain air dominance so that the Zerg can obtain map control. If the Wraiths are left unharmed they can stop the Zerg from expanding and the game will become easier for the Terran.
  • Zerg can use Ensnare to slow the Wraiths down, this also negates the Cloak so they are easier to kill.
  • The Zerg can also respond with Lurkers as the Starport tech will delay your Academy and Engineering bay timing however this means that they have less Mutas so with good Micro you should be able to cripple the Zerg more.
  • Burrow can also be researched so that when Wraiths try to harass the Drones will burrow for safety.
  • The Zerg may build spore colonies to assist hydras or mutalisks in defending drones, especially if a counter attack is desired.


Some maps like Neo Medusa have a cliff edge behind the Minerals so it is easier to pick off Drones as the Hydras will not have vision or enough range. Maps like Python which have an open area around the Mineral patches are harder to harass so keep this in mind when choosing to use this Build.


Do not solely rely on your Wraiths to win you the game as they are not units that are meant to finish the game. Whilst controlling your Wraiths remember to Macro as failure to do so can mean that you do not have a strong enough army or have sufficient Tech to survive.

External Links[edit] - A TvZ micro map including Wraiths vs Scourge and Mutas.