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2 Rax SCV Allin (vs. Zerg)

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]Terran2 Rax SCV Allin (vs. Zerg)
Strategy Information

This cheese build aims to kill the Zerg after their natural hatchery finishes but before they would normally make a creep or sunken colony. In this attack, the Terran drags a large portion of his SCVs and uses them as a shield against Zerglings and Drones in an attempt to kill the Zerg's natural for a quick victory.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9/10 Supply Depot
  • 10/10 Barracks
  • 11/18 Barracks
  • 14/18 Supply Depot
  • 22/26 Supply Depot

Build Order Clarification[edit]

Scout on 10. When the Barracks complete, train marines constantly, prioritizing them over SCVs. If your 2 barracks are scouted the Zerg player will have enough time to have a sunken ready, so you should either hide your second barracks or block your ramp with an SCV (however, blocking one's ramp with an SCV may itself be perceived as an indicator of cheese). Other tricks include sending an SCV to one's natural as if you were going to construct a CC, and if possible send your SCVs outside vision of any overlord near your natural when you move out.

It is critical you do not lose your scouting SCV so you can judge the sunken / zergling count. Also if you have vision of the Zerg's mineral line, you can use the mineral walk to drill your SCVs through his Zerglings, which can disrupt their AI.

When to push out depends on the Zerg's build.

  • vs. 9 pool: 8 marines
  • vs. 9 pool speed: 10 marines
  • vs. Overpool: 6 marines
  • vs. 12 hatch: 6 marines

Bring 4-12 SCVs with the marines, depending on how allin you want to be and how many Zerglings you have scouted.


Use the SCVs to target the sunkens and block Drones and Zerglings from surrounding your marines. Use the marines to kill the Zerglings and Drones first, then the Sunkens.


If the Zerg was completely unaware of your cheese and hadn't started a Sunken when you move out, the game will probably end in your favor. If the Zerg completes his sunkens at his natural, then the Terran will likely lose because gas and tech is so delayed, and the Zerg can add additional sunkens to hold off any further 1 base attack while his lair tech completes. If the Zerg went for a fast Zergling speed or played very safe by immediately following his hatchery with a sunken colony, you may want to proceed with the 2 Rax FE instead with a slight disadvantage.

Counter To[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

  • Overpool - fast mutalisk builds can be vulnerable with the delayed natural meaning later sunken colonies.

Notable Maps[edit]


Maps with a short rush distance that may be unfavorable to Terran in a later game, such as Outsider.


Cross positions or a long rush distance.