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3D Clan

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[e][h]3D Clan
Team Information
Daniel "DenFrizer-" Abalikhin
Team Captain:
Alexander "Notforu" Davydov
Player earnings:
Autumn 1998


3D Clan was one of the best and oldest teams in Russia, it has an active gaming division in StarCraft II, and also former teams in Warcraft II, Warcraft III, Counter-Strike 1.6, FIFA and Point Blank,. 3D Clan was host to several famous StarCraft and StarCraft II players, including Androide, White-Ra, Strelok, Enemy, Pomi and Aristeo amongst others.

In Brood War, the clan accumulated 10 WCG National Final medals, four of which are gold, as well as 8 ASUS Cup medals, and a 2nd place finish at the WCG 2005 Grand Finals.

The clan was founded in 1998 by three Moscow residents, Ilya "CrElias" Zagorbinin, Andrey "CaptainDRON" Ermolaev and Alexander "Skendel" Kovalev, under the name "Danger Destruction Death", abbreviated to '3D'.


In 1998, when Starcraft: Brood War was released, CrElias, CaptainDRON and Skendel formed a team named «Danger Destruction Death» which became just «3D».


  • 3D.Androide took 3rd place on Russian WCG qualifiers which giving a spot in WCG finals.


  • 3D.Temujin took 2nd place on Kazakhstan WCG qualifiers which giving a spot in WCG finals.


  • 3D placed 1st in Russian teams championship winning «Shock Squadron» in last game of the season.
  • 3D.Androide took 1st place on Russian WCG qualifiers.
  • 3D.Topick took 3rd place on WCG qualifiers in Ukraine


  • 3D.Androide took 2nd place at Samsung European Championship;
  • 3D.Androide scored with bronze at WCG Russia 2005;
  • 3D.Topick scored 2nd at WCG Ukraine 2005, 3D.Strelok took 3rd place;
  • 3D.Androide placed 2nd on WCG 2005 in Singapur and became first Russian player with a WCG medal in Starcraft: Brood War.


  • 3D.Androide wins gold of WCG Russia 2006 and head for the finals.
  • 3D.Escape goes to WCG finals in USA from fourth place in Russian qualification, taking the spot of S2.Notforu.
  • 3D.moOnZerG took silver of WCG Kazakhstan 2006.


  • 3D.Notforu wins WCG Russia 2007, but gives away his spot because of visa problem.
  • 3D.Androide placed 3rd at WCG Russia 2007