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3 Hatch Zergling

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
[e][h]ZergThree Hatchery Zergling (vs. Terran)
Strategy Information
Opening Build Strategy
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3 Hatch Zerglings is all-in build. You have to deny all scouting and hide all lings you have above 6 or 8. Try to make a timing attack before he gets his firebats as it may be pretty hard to deal with.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9 - Overlord.
  • 12 - Hatchery (at Natural).
  • 11 - Spawning Pool.
  • 13 - Hatchery (either at a third base or in your base).
  • 12 - Extractor.
  • @100% Extractor - Move 3 Drones to gas.
  • 11 - Spawn 2/3 Drones.
  • @100 Gas - Moves Drones from gas to minerals and upgrade Zergling Speed.
  • 13/14 - Overlord.
  • @350 hp Pool - Save larvae.
  • @100% Pool - Continually spawn Zerglings.


If your initial Zerglings cannot do damage, stop spawning Zerglings immediately and switch to Drone production or tech. If your initial Zerglings do moderate damage, you can either continue to pump Zerglings to try and finish the game or place 3 Drones back on gas and proceed to produce Drones and get to Lair tech. If your initial Zerglings do significant damage, then continually pump Zerglings to finish the game.

Countered By[edit]

  • All fast techs + walling
  • Efficient scouting

Counter To:[edit]

  • Greedy Builds
  • Non-walled Terran Builds

Notable Maps[edit]


Like Sparks Terran initial build order 3 Hatch Ling aims to apply early pressure and take initiative. It's very aggresive, yet unlike 4 pool it has pretty good come-back chances if the initial attack fails to force GG or do significant damage. Keep your oponent from scouting it and try to snipe SCVs constructing tech buildings to minimalize tech advantage that Terran will get.