3 Hatchery Lurkers (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Zerg 3 Hatch Lurker vs. Protoss
Strategy Information
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The purpose of this opening is to contain the Protoss player during the early/mid game with Lurkers and defend against Zealot/Archon Push. Protoss will switch to Dragoon, Storms, and/or drops to break the containment. While the Protoss is contained, expansions should be taken and Drones built until Protoss has a large enough army to break the contain.

Build Order[edit]

Build Order Clarification[edit]

  • This build assumes a Protoss Forge FE. If Protoss opens 1/2 gate, build the 3rd Hatchery in your main or Natural.
  • Sunken Colonies are only to be made if necessary.
  • Contain Protoss for as long as possible with Lurkers, Lings, and Scourge (to snipe Observers)
  • It is important to scout and kill Observers with Scourge to delay the Protoss for as long as possible.
  • If possible, a Hatchery could be build in front of their choke to reinforce the containment with Sunken Colonies


  • Upgrade Hydralisk Speed/Range to snipe Obs
  • Upgrade Melee Attack and Carapace
  • Obtain a 3rd or 4th expansion
  • Transition into 5 Hatch Hydra/Spire and eventually get to Hive Tech

Countered By[edit]

Corsair/Dark Templar

Counter To[edit]

Zealot/Archon Push

Notable Maps[edit]





Ace vs Shauni on Empire of the Sun: Natural extractor is taken when lair starts; this is probably to allow decent amount of lurkers whilst still getting a spire. This is an example of how you can use this BO similar to 3 Hatch Hydralisk (vs. Protoss); the attack would probably not have succeeded if there were more cannons.