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4 Gate Goon (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Protoss4 Gate Goon
2 gate obs?
Strategy Information
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The "Four Gateway Dragoon" opening is one of the most aggressive and commiting strategies in the Protoss mirror match up. It enables a player to produce a great amount of Dragoons early on, while putting him in a bigger economical disadvantage.

Build Order[edit]

Four Gateway Dragoon
  1. Probe is used to scout
  2. 2.0 2.1 Zealots can be skipped if opponent does not harass
  3. Optional: Pylon can be built in the middle of the map; the Gateways at 31 Supply are built there to minimize the travel time of newly spawned units
  4. Probe production is stopped
  5. for a total of four Gateways
  6. take one Probe off the Assimilator for a total of 2 Probes mining
  7. At 5:30 minutes 7 Dragoons and 2 Zealots should be finished
  8. units can be sent to attack, army should arrive at around 6:00 minutes at opponent's base
  9. At 6:00 minutes 11 Dragoons and 2 Zealots should be finished
  10. units can be sent to attack, army should arrive at around 6:30 minutes at opponent's base


The Four Gateway Dragoon opening works best against an unprepared opponent. The timing is designed that the first attack arrives at the enemy's base around 6 minutes or thirty seconds later. However, the exact timing does depend on the map. The great amount of Dragoons is usually enough to literally walk over the opponent, if he did not anticipate the large scaled attack.

It is important that the Probe production is stopped early in the game. At the 27 Supply mark, no more Probes will be produced. The Probe production can be resumed once the first attack started. However, if the initial attack does not kill the opponent or inflicts a great amount of damage, the economical disadvantage is usually too big to recover from.


A Dark Templar opening punishes the Four Gateway Dragoon opening directly. The lack of Observers make it impossible to react in time. Any three Gateway Dragoon opening or a two Gateway Dragoon Opening and Reavers might hard counter this strategy as well, if the choke point does not allow all attacking Dragoons to shoot. This is the case for maps which feature ramps to the opponent's main base and a backdoor expansion, such as Outsider.

The opening can hard counter any opening which aims to fast expand or which does tech on units other than Dark Templars. The attacking army after six minutes can out-micro any other combination easily.

Notable Maps[edit]

The opening heavily depends on the maps. Maps with large chokes and reverse ramps to the opponent's Natural Expansion support the opening. Examples would be Blue Storm, Heartbreak Ridge, Medusa, Colosseum II, Bloody Ridge or Python.

Maps with difficult pathing, backdoor expansions and narrow Choke Points generally work against this strategy. Examples would be Outsider or Destination.

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