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6 hatch (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]Zerg6 Hatch (vs. Protoss)
Strategy Information
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This strategy is a strong Zerg vs. Protoss build designed to play against a Forge Fast-Expand from a Protoss player, and to give the Zerg an economic advantage. Ideally, this opening aims to deny a second expansion from the Protoss player, and thus gain a stronger position for the Zerg player in the later stages of a game. The execution of this build order depends on the map design; maps with large open areas around the third bases of the Protoss player are more favorable for aggression with Hydralisk pressure, while maps like Fighting Spirit, Jade, and Bloody Ridge typically favor Protoss defenses, as these maps' architecture does not allow for a wide arc for Hydralisks to move in around a Protoss third base to deny it.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9/9 Overlord
  • 9/9 Pool
  • two drones
  • 11/18 Hatchery
  • 10/18 6 Zerglings
  • 14/18 Send drone toward third with 200 minerals
  • 15/18 extractor (around 220-250 minerals)
  • 15/18 Hatchery
  • 16/18 Overlord
  • 18/18 Lair
  • 21/27 Zergling Speed
  • 23/27 or 24/27 Overlord (depending on preference)
  • 24/27 2 pairs of Zerglings
  • Spire as soon as Lair finishes
  • 31/35 Overlord
  • 32/35 4th hatch (Third for faster drones once hatch gets up)
  • 35/35 5th hatch
  • When spire finishes, be sure to have 43 food possible and make 2 pairs of Scourge. One pair for first Corsair, one for scouting. If you see more Corsairs being produced or a second Corsair, get more Scourge and +1 Air Carapace. Otherwise, you can skip it for earlier Hydra upgrades and earlier Overlord Speed, allowing you to move out safely
  • 38/43 6th Hatch
  • two Sunken Colonies around 400 Spire health, one at each Natural Expansion
  • 40/43 Hydra Den
  • 42/51 Evo Chamber
  • 42/51 second gas
  • 44/51-47/51 Air Carapace
  • 44/51-47/51 +1 Range Attack
  • 47/51 Overlord Speed
  • @50 Supply - start Hydra production


  • +1 Zealot Timing Attacks

You will need more Sunken Colonies and Zerglings to defend against +1 Speed Zealot timing attacks. The Sunkens should be morphed around the time the Spire finishes and shortly before the +1 timing attack moves out. Usually two or three Sunkens per Natural are needed. During attacks the Zerg should build more Drones, as a good building placement, drone drills and only few Zerglings are enough to block Zealots. After these attacks were defended Hydras should be produced to be able to counter pressure and deny expansions.

  • Overlords

On four player maps the initial two overlords should be sent directly to the close position main bases. This increases the chances to find the opponent directly and thusly enables permanent vision on his natural expansion. Additionally one Overlord will already be in vision of a Natural the Zerg should use for the third expansion. The fourth Overlord should be built in the main base and kept there. This way all three bases will be safe against Dark Templar harass. The third base should not produce Overlords if not needed, as this base should continuously produce drones.

  • Third Gas Timing

The timings vary and depend on the planned transition. It can be taken around 44 - 50 supply. The earlier the gas is taken, the more gas will be available for Lurker transitions or could be spent on Scourge. At the same time earlier gas also means that the mineral/gas balance will not be perfectly balanced for a while and might lower the Drone saturation on the fourth base. Most Zerg players take the third gas between 47 and 50 supply.

  • Three Base

This build can also be used off three bases instead of four to be more aggressive. Maps like Sniper Ridge allow the Zerg to transition into a Lurker contain.

  • vs Corsair Play

Air Carapace and a spore at each base are needed against Corsair play. Air carapace serves to defend your overlords, make them harder to kill, and allow your scourge to make contact with +1 Corsairs. Spores are necessary to serve as detection against Sair/DT play, and they help to defend overlords when you need to move out with Hydras.


This should transition into a stable late-game off of eight Hatcheries and four bases. The general idea behind this strategy is to mass Hydralisks while having a solid economy. The units are more used to keep control over the map, rather than to engage in large fights during the mid game. This means that Protoss expansions should be either denied directly or delayed significantly with relatively few units. As a result most times Zerg players transition from the Hydralisks directly into Lurkers to either contain the Protoss or protect the own natural expansions with Spore Colonies. In between this transition a fast Hive allows for a technological advantage in the earlier stages of the late game.

If the Zerg can contain the Protoss the Lurkers should be constantly reinforced and Observers should be sniped with Scourge to delay any strong army from moving out. If a contain is not an option a control group of Zerglings can be used to deny third bases for as long as possible. Ultimately, a combination of Zerglings with the Adrenaline Glands upgrade and Defilers should be able to both defend the Zerg player's own bases against Dragoon-heavy armies and to easily kill any expansions from Protoss.

After the initial +1 Range attack upgrade it is recommended to use a second Evolution Chamber. If the resources allow it a third should be added to research all three ground unit upgrades. The main focus however should be on the +1 carapace and melee upgrades to support the Ultralisk/Zergling composition in the late game.

Countered By[edit]



  • +1 Zealot Speed Attack Timings

Counter To:[edit]



Notable Maps[edit]


Circuit Breaker


Jat.Minho vs Minus)Eagle


Hydra Transition:

Jaedong vs Grape on Circuit Breaker
Jaedong FPVod on Fighting Spirit
Roro vs Bisu on Circuit Breaker

Muta/Scourge Transition:

Jaedong vs Grape on La Mancha

Off Three Base:

Crazy_Hydra vs By.Sun