8 Rax (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Terran 8 rax
Boxer vs Yellow Ever SemiFinal - game 3
Strategy Information
Popularized by:
Terran BoxeR, Terran iloveoov, and others

Although Bunker rushing was widely used before, few people even considered building your barracks before your first Supply Depot unless you were BBSing in the middle of the map.

But all of that changed in 2004 when Boxer outplayed Yellow 3-0 in the EVER StarLeague semi finals using only 8 rax all three games.

Assuming the Zerg player will expand, the build's objective is to set up a Bunker next to the Zerg player's natural Hatchery, rallying down the first Marines and a lot of SCV's. Even though considered a cheesy build it's still pretty safe. Even if the Terran doesn't kill the natural (but does some damage) it can still be a game for anyone to win.

Original Build Order[edit]

  • 8/10 - Barracks
  • 9/10 - Supply Depot
  • 10/18 - scout two mains
  • @Barracks 100% - make constant Marines and rally to Zerg natural
  • Rally most workers to Zerg natural so that they arrive with first marines while making a bunker next to the Zerg Hatchery with the SCV that scouted it.


Once you reach the Zerg natural it's all about micro. Zerg will have to use a lot of Drones to defend, and Terran has to micro the SCVs to protect the Marines from the Drones until the Bunker is done. The Zergs goal is to kill as many Marines as possible before they get into the Bunker. Even when the Bunker is done, many Zerg players move the Drones behind the Bunker trying to kill incoming Marines, stalling until the 6 Zerglings arrive.


If the Zerg defends but the game still looks pretty even unit and economy-wise, a solid follow-up is a fast Command Center to get ahead in economy. This is also a good transition if Zerg goes pool first. From here the game can be played similar to the popular 1 rax FE build.

If you actually kill the natural the Zerg should be forced to go Lurkers. The easiest way to beat 1 base Lurker should be going one base terran yourself and overpower the Zerg. Don't let the Zerg expand until his Lurkers are out.

Countered By[edit]

Hard Counters[edit]

  • 9 pool - pretty much negates this rush, but it doesn't really give Zerg any big advantage as Terran will defend against the Pool easily.
  • Zergling run-by - If the bunker is poorly placed and the SCVs are not ready to block it, the Zerg players can get his 6 first Zerglings through and run to the Terran main, killing the few SCVs that are left. The Zerg natural will die, but Zerg still wins.

Counter to[edit]

Soft Counters[edit]

  • The standard 12 hatch 11 pool - is what this build originally was meant to counter, but with good drone micro, Zerg players today should be able to defend.


Uncommonly used as an all-in tactic in the match-up. The Barracks is built inside the main of the opponent or close as possible for a future Bunkering inside the main. Executed before the initial factory is completed.

Notable Maps[edit]

  • Two player maps - here the Terran can scout really late, not alarming the Zerg of his intentions.
  • Maps with short rush distance.
  • Maps with blockable paths between the main and natural - if Terran places a building here he can block the Zergling reinforcements rendering the rush a lot more deadly. Boxer famously did this against JulyZerg on the map 815 (although not using 8 rax but rather a form of BBS).



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