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9th SonicTV Starleague/32 Group Stage

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

Group A[edit]

Group A preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 9, 2014
1. South Korea Zerg ZerO 2-0
2. South Korea Terran Mong* 2-1
3. South Korea Zerg Killer* 1-2
4. South Korea Protoss Britney 0-2

Group B[edit]

Group B preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 11, 2014
1. South Korea Terran PianO 2-0
2. South Korea Terran HiyA 2-1
3. South Korea Protoss Sky 1-2
4. South Korea Terran Midas 0-2

Group C[edit]

Group C preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 18, 2014
1. South Korea Zerg Modesty 2-0
2. South Korea Terran sSak 2-1
3. South Korea Terran Shinee 1-2
4. South Korea Zerg ZergMan 0-2

Group D[edit]

Group D preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 16, 2014
1. South Korea Zerg Kwanro 2-0
2. South Korea Zerg hero 2-1
3. South Korea Zerg Terror 1-2
4. South Korea Protoss Pusan 0-2

Group E[edit]

Group E preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 23, 2014
1. South Korea Protoss Tyson 2-0
2. South Korea Terran Mind 2-1
3. South Korea Zerg beast 1-2
4. South Korea Protoss Pure 0-2

Group F[edit]

Group F preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 25, 2014
1. South Korea Zerg Larva 2-0
2. South Korea Protoss JangBi 2-1
3. South Korea Protoss Lazy 1-2
4. South Korea Zerg Cola 0-2

Group G[edit]

Group G preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
January 30, 2014
1. South Korea Protoss Movie 2-0
2. South Korea Protoss Mini 2-1
3. South Korea Protoss Shuttle 1-2
4. South Korea Protoss Zeus 0-2

Group H[edit]

Group H preview lrthread Watch VOD Interview Review
February 6, 2014
1. South Korea Protoss Bisu 2-0
2. South Korea Terran Sea 2-1
3. South Korea Protoss Jaehoon 1-2
4. South Korea Terran Ample 0-2

*Mist was replaced after the first match due to issues with minerals on one of the spawns.


The Round of 32 proceeded, by and large, uneventfully, with most players who were expected to advance doing so.

In group A, however, Killer, the reigning champion was upset by Mong. Although ZvT was Killer's weakest match-up (post-KeSPA career 54% ZvT win rate[1]), it was still surprising to see the Zerg powerhouse eliminated from the tournament in a best-of-three. After winning their best-of-three in the opening match, Killer dueled against Mong again during the final match, in another best-of-three. During their last game on Fighting Spirits, Mong took advantage of his economic superiority to starve Killer in at 30-minute duel.

Group B saw the return of Midas in his first post-KeSPA appearance, but he would fail to advance. The other members of the old guard, Pusan, Zeus, and ZergMan, also did not advance from their respective groups.

In group F, JangBi made his first SSL appearance to great fanfare, having built a large Afreeca following. In the opening match, however, JangBi was defeated by Larva in the Zerg player's strongest match-up (post-KeSPA career 57% ZvP win rate[2]) in two consecutive macro-based games. JangBi, however, did manage to advance from the group after defeating Lazy in the final match.

With a plurality of Protoss players in the Round of 32, four Protoss found themselves positioned in group G. Shuttle (post-KeSPA career 55% PvP win rate[3]), an Afreeca fan favorite, was defeated by Mini (post-KeSPA career 42% PvP win rate[4]) in all three of their games, first in a best-of-three opening match, and again in the final match. In the last deciding game, Mini successfully powered his Reavers to victory over Shuttle's High/Dark Templar tech.

Group H saw the first SSL appearance of Bisu. The popular Protoss player did not disappoint in advancing from the Round of 32 by defeating Ample and Jaehoon without a loss. Sea was defeated by Jaehoon in their opening match, thus avoiding a highly anticipated match-up with Bisu. Shortly thereafter, however, Sea would avenge the loss in the best-of-one final match to advance by overwhelming Jaehoon's Carriers with a stronger economy.