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Series Information
Nathan Roth
Cumulative Prize Pool:
$ 0

The AIST tournament (Artificial Intelligence Starcraft Tournament) is designed to as closely as is reasonably possible replicate a human professional tournament in order to further bot development and create middle ground between the human and bot focused tournaments. Professional map pool updated regularly to reflect what is currently being played along with human style structure (double elim BO3 / BO5). At the end of each season a show match vs a human of comparable skill level to the top bot also occurs.


The AIST has been held since 2018. It has two seasons at the time of writing (Mar/2019): AIST S1 and AIST S2. In its season 1, there were 6 bots participating. In the finals, Zerg PurpleSwarm won against Protoss McRave by 3:1. Zerg PurpleSwarm later got matched up against a human 1600+ MMR player and lost by 0:3.


The AIST was first organised in 2018 by Nathan Roth.


Double Elimination Bracket. Random draw for seeding. No losers 2nd final. BO3 during elimination phase, with BO5 Finals.


AIST # Year Champion Runner-up Final score Tournament page
AIST S1 2018 Zerg PurpleSwarm Protoss McRave 3-1 AIST S1 page
AIST S2 2019 Protoss Velocirandom Protoss Locutus 3-2 AIST S2 page
AIST S3 2020 Protoss Locutus Protoss PurpleWave 3-2 AIST S3 page
AIST S4 2021 Protoss Stardust Protoss PurpleWave 3-1 AIST S4 page

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