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ALFA: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 13W : 12L (52%) in series, 25W : 22L (53.19%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2021-05-08A2MinorBSL12 HasuLeagueBSL12 HasuLeague0:1Norway Protoss Nilsi
2021-05-08A2MinorBSL12 HasuLeagueBSL12 HasuLeague0:1United States Terran SONE
2006-09-22A1MajorWCG Spain 2006WCG Spain 20060:2Spain Terran Renton
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel Tour:WUnited Kingdom Zerg Midian
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel Tour:WCanada Random Testie
2005-12-11A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I:W Terran Creativ
2005-12-04A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:0 Zerg CocoA
2005-11-20A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I1:2 Zerg XiaOzI
2005-11-06A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:0 Terran Raven
2005-10-30A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I1:2 Terran Shaman
2005-10-23A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:0 Random Infinity
2005-10-09A1MajorWCG Spain 2005WCG Spain 20051:2Spain Protoss ZelotITO
2005-10-09A1MajorWCG Spain 2005WCG Spain 20052:1Spain Zerg Squall
2005-10-09A1MajorWCG Spain 2005WCG Spain 20052:1Spain Unknown Dvega
2005-03-10A1MajorESC 2005ESC 20050:2Russia Terran Androide
2005-03-10A1MajorESC 2005ESC 20051:2Germany Zerg Mondragon
2005-03-10A1MajorESC 2005ESC 20052:1Czechia Zerg Destroyer
2005-03-10A1MajorESC 2005ESC 20052:1Slovakia Zerg vanilica
2005-03-10A1MajorESC 2005ESC 20052:0Netherlands Zerg Twisted
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Slovakia Terran WickeD
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20040:1South Korea Terran Midas
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20040:1Russia Terran Advokate
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:1Germany Protoss FiSheYe
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Puerto Rico Terran DoomeR
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Panama Protoss CCC
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Kazakhstan Protoss Temujin
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Philippines Zerg TMAX
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:1South Korea Terran Control