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From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Tool Information
StarCraft: Brood War 1.16.1
Current Version:

APMAlert is a BWL plugin whose primary feature is the real-time display of APM in-game.


  • Shows your APM ingame
  • Shows an ingame timer
  • Shows the current time in-game
  • For observers and in replays, it displays the APM of all players or of the currently selected player (toggleable)
  • Alerts you if your APM falls below a configurable threshold.

How it works[edit]

The APM for a certain time is calculated using an exponential decay of older actions with a fixed decay parameter of about one minute.

Settings and Commands[edit]

  • /ShowAPM
    • Shows the currently set minimum APM
  • /ToggleSound or /TglSnd
    • Toggles whether or not sounds are to be played
  • /SetAPM <new apm> or /MinAPM <new apm>
    • Sets a new minimum APM
  • /MoveAPM
    • Moves the APM display to your mouse cursor's position
  • /ToggleAPM or /TglAPM
    • Toggles the APM display on and off
  • /MoveLocal
    • Moves the Local Clock to your mouse cursor's position
  • /ToggleLocal or /TglLocal
    • Toggles the local clock on and off.
  • /MoveGame
    • Moves the Game Clock to your mouse cursor's position
  • /ToggleGame or /TglGame
    • Toggles the game clock on and off.
  • /ToggleDispAll or /TglDispAll
    • Toggles the 'Display All APMs during Obsmode/Replay' on and off
  • /AboutAPM
    • Tells you about the plugin and what version it is