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[e][h]Protoss ASuka-Jr
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Choi Hong Hee
March 19, 1990 (1990-03-19) (age 28)
Ever, KT.MGW
Alternate IDs:
KT.MGW)ASuka-Jr, ASuka-Jr[kaC], Ever)P(ASuka-Jr, ASuka-Jr[S.O]
???? - 2009-12
2009-12 - ????

Choi "ASuka-Jr" Hong Hee is a retired StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played as Protoss for Hite SPARKYZ.


[1]Choi Hong Hee, also known as Asuka-Jr is a new rising protoss in the team Samsung Khan. He is mostly known for his PvZ match-up. He emerged to the progaming scene and to the knowledge of foreign community in 2006, but not by winning something big. He made his name known through Afreeca, a software that allowed foreigners to follow lesser promatches and tournaments such as the JoPD.

During the prime of PGT he ravaged his way through to earn Olympic ranking in the ladder, when many of the Korean progamers and semipros were playing it, under the ID nan[hanjihye]. The most enthusiastic fans were already calling his unorthodox PvZ and smart PvT as the next Nal_rA himself. He was often thought to be the next big thing in the Protoss lines among with Bisu and Tempest. The match-up that made Asuka-Jr known was PvZ, his style in the 2006 was amazingly different than the usual strategies versus Zerg. He used dragoons as the backbone of his army, supported by reavers. He didn't feel any kind of a need to expand as soon as possible to his natural, instead he expanded after harassing, when he knew it would be safe. It was widely discussed if his weakness would be some intense and dedicated mutalisk harrass, but replays against strategies such as that never leaked.

No matter the match-up it's safe to assume that everyone was pretty much amazed by his macro. That may be one of the reasons he got compared to Anytime and Pusan in the beginning. Even though using creative strategies and had great macro his unit control wasn't impressive, especially in the late game. On the other hand his early game control seemed to be good, e.g. fighting off early Zerglings with first Zealots seemed to be no problem to him.

Asuka-Jr became a member of Samsung Khan, but wasn't able to play in too many televised matches and started to become forgotten. On Monday the 20th of August 2007, Ongamenet held their offline qualifiers for the upcoming Star Challenge Season 2 (Challenge League or ODT R1). This is more commonly known as PSL or PCBang Star League for OGN. Asuka-Jr fought in the tournament in group E accompanied by GoRush and GoodFriend, but wasn't successful and has faded from public memory as a progamer, playing and losing one Proleague game since.