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Ace Game

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

An Ace Game is the final, deciding game played during a Proleague match. For instance, in usual regular season Bo5 play, it would be Game 5 or 5th set. Teams are allowed to send out anyone on their active roster, including players who have played earlier in one of the first four games. Players chosen are usually the team’s best player, but can also include a map specialist, a player with a specific/unique build, or a sniper. An example of a map specialist is HoeJJa on the map Destination, where he often takes advantage of the mineral patches blocking the second entrance by using Burrow with his Zerglings or Lurkers to sneak inside a Protoss Base.

Players who are regularly sent out for the Ace game are known as their team’s “Ace”. These players include Hwaseung OZ’s Jaedong, hite SPARKYZ’s Leta, and KT Rolster’s Flash.

The final games of Winners League (7th sets) usually not treated as Ace games, — KeSPA also does not charge for wins in these games bonus points in the KeSPA Ranking). Only the Ace games of regular season (Rounds 1–2 and 4–5) recorded in the season statistics.

Shinhan Bank Proleague 08–09 Season Ace Game Statistics[edit]

Rank Name Wins Losses Ratio
1st Leta 13 3 81.3%
2nd Jaedong 9 4 69.2%
3rd Flash 6 5 54.5%
4th Bisu 5 1 83.3%
4th Calm 5 3 62.5%
6th JangBi 4 1 80.0%
6th BeSt 4 1 80.0%
6th free 4 2 66.7%
6th EffOrt 4 3 57.1%
6th Really 4 4 50%
6th Kal 4 5 44.4%
12th Stork 3 3 50%
12th Mind 3 3 50%
12th ZerO 3 4 42.9%
15th July 2 0 100%
15th Kwanro 2 0 100%
15th Saint 2 1 66.7%
15th Pusan 2 2 50%
15th YellOw[ArnC] 2 2 50%
15th firebathero 2 2 50%
15th great 2 2 50%
15th Light 2 3 40%
15th Fantasy 2 3 40%