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Advokate: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 80W : 52L (60.61%) in series, 170W : 120L (58.62%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2017-09-23A1MajorMediamarkt SC:R Moscow CupMediamarkt SC:R Moscow Cup0:1Russia Protoss Djem5
2017-09-23A1MajorMediamarkt SC:R Moscow CupMediamarkt SC:R Moscow Cup1:0Russia Terran Sani4
2017-09-23A1MajorMediamarkt SC:R Moscow CupMediamarkt SC:R Moscow Cup1:0Russia Zerg potrax
2017-09-23A1MajorMediamarkt SC:R Moscow CupMediamarkt SC:R Moscow Cup1:0Russia Terran Mad/Max
2017-09-23A1MajorMediamarkt SC:R Moscow CupMediamarkt SC:R Moscow Cup0:1Russia Protoss fuNny
2010-09-30A0PremierWCG 2010WCG 20100:1Poland Protoss Yayba
2010-09-30A0PremierWCG 2010WCG 20101:0Japan Protoss KurOa
2010-09-30A0PremierWCG 2010WCG 20100:1South Korea Zerg Jaedong
2010-09-30A0PremierWCG 2010WCG 20100:1China Zerg f91
2010-07-23A1MajorWCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 20101:2Russia Terran BRAT_OK
2010-07-23A1MajorWCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 20102:1Russia Protoss Pomi
2010-07-23A1MajorWCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 20102:1Russia Terran spx
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20091:2South Korea Zerg Jaedong
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20090:1United States Terran Idra
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20091:0Germany Terran HoRRoR
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20091:0Malaysia Terran MarinE
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20091:0Panama Zerg Limbic
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20091:0Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2009-11-11A0PremierWCG 2009WCG 20090:1Poland Protoss Yayba
2009-10-09A1Major2009 Nostalgia Tournament2009 Nostalgia Tournament1:2Poland Protoss Draco
2009-10-09A1Major2009 Nostalgia Tournament2009 Nostalgia Tournament1:2Ukraine Terran Strelok
2009-10-08A1MajorJustinTV iCCup InvitationalJustinTV iCCup Invitational1:2United States Protoss iNkA
2009-10-08A1MajorJustinTV iCCup InvitationalJustinTV iCCup Invitational2:1United States Protoss G5
2009-08-29A1MajorASUS Summer 2009ASUS Summer 20092:1Russia Protoss PallMall
2009-08-29A1MajorASUS Summer 2009ASUS Summer 20092:0Russia Protoss Tama
2009-08-29A1MajorASUS Summer 2009ASUS Summer 20092:0Russia Protoss Pomi
2009-08-29A1MajorASUS Summer 2009ASUS Summer 20092:0Russia Terran Largo
2009-07-25A1MajorWCG Russia 2009WCG Russia 20092:0Russia Zerg gOgna
2009-07-25A1MajorWCG Russia 2009WCG Russia 20091:2Russia Protoss Bruce
2009-07-25A1MajorWCG Russia 2009WCG Russia 20092:0Russia Protoss Pomi
2009-07-18A2MinorValor StarleagueValor StarleagueW:Russia Terran BRAT_OK
2009-07-18A2MinorValor StarleagueValor Starleague0:3Peru Protoss Fenix
2009-07-18A2MinorValor StarleagueValor Starleague2:1Germany Zerg Mondragon
2009-07-18A2MinorValor StarleagueValor Starleague2:1Germany Terran HoRRoR
2009-07-18A2MinorHighlander TournamentHighlander Tournament0:2Germany Zerg Kolll
2009-07-18A2MinorValor StarleagueValor StarleagueW:Peru Protoss Gosudark
2009-06-15A1MajorDreamHack Summer 2009DreamHack Summer 20092:0Sweden Zerg Naugrim
2009-06-15A1MajorDreamHack Summer 2009DreamHack Summer 20092:3Netherlands Zerg ret
2009-06-15A1MajorDreamHack Summer 2009DreamHack Summer 20092:0Sweden Protoss datoby
2009-05-30A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups1:3Peru Zerg CaStrO
2009-05-30A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups2:0France Zerg Aures
2009-05-30A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups2:1Ukraine Terran Strelok
2009-05-30A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups1:0Germany Protoss infernal
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WPoland Protoss Dreiven
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:Germany Terran HoRRoR
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WUkraine Terran Strelok
2009-03-02A2MinorSC2GG StarleagueSC2GG Starleague1:2Poland Protoss Yayba New Year New Year Championship:WUkraine Terran Strelok New Year New Year Championship:WUkraine Protoss White-Ra New Year New Year ChampionshipW:Russia Terran Casper New Year New Year ChampionshipW:Ukraine Terran Strelok
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20081:2Russia Protoss Pomi
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 20081:2Ukraine Terran Strelok
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 20082:0Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 20082:1Ukraine Zerg ALF
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 2008W:Russia Zerg gOgna
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 2008W:Russia Zerg u3
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 2008W:Belarus Zerg LoWeLy
2008-05-17A1MajorAsus Spring 2008Asus Spring 2008W:Russia Unknown Djem5
2008-05-03A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL1:2Poland Protoss Dreiven
2008-05-03A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL1:2Spain Zerg SquaLL
2008-02-23A2MinorMasters of the CraftMasters of the Craft1:2United States Protoss NonY
2008-02-23A2MinorMasters of the CraftMasters of the CraftW:Spain Zerg Squall
2007-10-19A0PremierIEST 2007IEST 20070:2South Korea Terran Hwasin
2007-10-19A0PremierIEST 2007IEST 20070:2China Terran LeiLei
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20072:0Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20072:1Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20072:0Russia Terran Androide
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20072:0Russia Zerg Mamon
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20072:0Russia Protoss Bruce
2007-04-12A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007):WPoland Protoss Draco
2007-04-12A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)W:Ukraine Zerg fraer
2007-04-12A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007)W:United States Terran Skew
2007-04-12A1MajorPGL Season 1(2007)PGL Season 1(2007):WCanada Protoss Smuft
2007-01-01A2MinorBW4Ever Season 11BW4Ever Season 11:WCanada Protoss Oldy
2007-01-01A2MinorBW4Ever Season 11BW4Ever Season 11W:Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2007-01-01A2MinorBW4Ever Season 11BW4Ever Season 11W:Slovakia Zerg Maix
2006-12-10A0PremierIEST 2006IEST 20060:1China Terran Super
2006-12-10A0PremierIEST 2006IEST 20061:0China Terran Phoenix66
2006-12-10A0PremierIEST 2006IEST 20060:1South Korea Zerg Yellow
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20060:2Russia Terran Ex
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20060:2Russia Terran Escape
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20060:2Russia Terran Ex
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20062:1Russia Terran Brat_OK
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20062:0Russia Protoss Bruce
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20062:0Russia Zerg SS
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20061:2Russia Terran Androide
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20061:2Russia Terran Escape
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20061:2Russia Terran Androide
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20062:1Russia Terran Casper
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20062:0Russia Zerg Lester
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20062:0Russia Zerg ho8ot
2006-05-01A2MinorEuroCup XIIIEuroCup XIII0:2Germany Zerg Mondragon
2006-05-01A2MinorEuroCup XIIIEuroCup XIII2:0Russia Terran Ex
2006-03-07A2MinorToT Invite TournamentToT Invite Tournament:WUkraine Protoss White-rA
2006-03-07A2MinorToT Invite TournamentToT Invite TournamentW:Germany Zerg ScHnibL0r
2006-03-07A2MinorToT Invite TournamentToT Invite Tournament1:2Taiwan Zerg SEn
2006-03-07A2MinorToT Invite TournamentToT Invite TournamentW:China Protoss PJ
2006-03-01A2MinorThe ACE 2006The ACE 20061:3Germany Zerg Mondragon
2006-03-01A2MinorThe ACE 2006The ACE 20063:1Sweden Zerg KaaZ
2006-03-01A2MinorThe ACE 2006The ACE 20063:1Norway Random Eriador
2006-01-22A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I0:2 Terran Shaman
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel Tour:WCanada Random Testie
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel Tour:WSweden Zerg KaaZ
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel TourW:Finland Protoss Arcneon
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel TourW:Ukraine Terran Strelok
2006-01-19A2MinorPlay.IT Intel TourPlay.IT Intel TourW:Romania Terran Shaman
2006-01-15A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:0 Protoss Muh
2006-01-08A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:1 Protoss Gentleman
2005-12-18A2MinorESL Clan League Season IESL Clan League Season I2:0 Terran Daze
2005-12-01A2MinorSomE TournamentSomE Tournament3:1Germany Zerg Schnibl0r
2005-12-01A2MinorSomE TournamentSomE Tournament2:0Peru Protoss Darki
2005-12-01A2MinorSomE TournamentSomE Tournament2:0Mexico Protoss Stym
2005-12-01A2MinorSomE TournamentSomE TournamentW:Taiwan Zerg SEn
2005-12-01A2MinorSomE TournamentSomE Tournament2:1South Korea Zerg Sugarplum
2005-12-01A2MinorSomE TournamentSomE Tournament2:0Ukraine Terran Starclan
2005-11-29A1MajorGGL Americup Season 2GGL Americup Season 21:2United States Zerg Incontrol
2005-11-29A1MajorGGL Americup Season 2GGL Americup Season 20:2China Protoss Pj
2005-10-1903:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:2Australia Protoss Legionnaire
2005-10-1709:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0Vietnam Terran VipMedusVIE
2005-10-1708:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0 Terran Suker
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20050:1Mexico Protoss BlasT
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0Kazakhstan Terran PlaySiRuS
2005-10-1705:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0Canada Protoss Fayth
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0Serbia Terran vanilica
2005-10-17A0PremierWCG 2005WCG 20051:0Italy Protoss sol_star
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20051:2Russia Terran Ex
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:1Russia Terran Ex
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:1Russia Terran Androide
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Terran Escape
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Zerg Chekanog
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20051:2Russia Terran Ex
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Random Kazuya
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Zerg gOgna
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Protoss Bruce
2005-05-21A2MinorAsus Spring 2005Asus Spring 20051:2Russia Protoss Bruce
2005-05-21A2MinorAsus Spring 2005Asus Spring 20052:0Russia Zerg MCA
2005-05-21A2MinorAsus Spring 2005Asus Spring 20051:2Ukraine Protoss Enemy
2005-05-21A2MinorAsus Spring 2005Asus Spring 20052:0Russia Zerg Chekanog
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20041:2Russia Terran Ex
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20042:0Russia Terran Oops
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20041:2Russia Zerg NotForu
2004-10-09A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20040:2South Korea Terran XellOs
2004-10-09A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20042:1Germany Zerg Mondragon
2004-10-09A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20042:1Poland Protoss Draco
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Slovakia Terran WickeD
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Spain Protoss ALFA
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20041:0South Korea Terran Midas
2004-07-10A1MajorWCG Russia 2004WCG Russia 20042:3Russia Terran Androide
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Russia 2004WCG Russia 20042:0Russia Terran Ex
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Russia 2004WCG Russia 20040:2Russia Terran Androide
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Russia 2004WCG Russia 20042:0Russia Protoss Asmodey
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Russia 2004WCG Russia 20042:1Russia Protoss Blade
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Russia 2004WCG Russia 20042:0Russia Unknown Creep
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:2South Korea Terran Control
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Netherlands Zerg ret
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0Chile Terran Sephiroth
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20031:0 Protoss Starhunter
2003-10-15A0PremierWCG 2003WCG 20030:1Czechia Terran Destroyer
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 20032:1Russia Zerg Phellan
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 20032:0Russia Zerg Gerich
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003W:Russia Terran MiF
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003W:Russia Random kazuya
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003W:Russia Terran Human
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003W:Russia Terran Ex
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003:WRussia Zerg Phellan
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003W:Russia Zerg DieForMif
2003-09-05A1MajorWCG Russia 2003WCG Russia 2003W:Russia Protoss Bruce