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November 1999

General Information[edit]

Aeterna Societas Honoris (ash. or ash~, since remastered also ash- or ash`) is an international StarCraft:Broodwar clan. The clan was founded in November 1999 by TaShadan and Simoli and has been playing in the highest foreign leagues ever since. The main channel of the team is "op ash." on Europe. The motto of the team is "can't bash the ash" or "cbta~" for short.

The clan originates from the German Broodwar community and is a last remnant of the once strong German clan scene, as it has also produced ToT), DEF (which became [pG]), iv., FA_, DiE, DA, ScT, XiC, BHC, ips. etc. Accordingly, the clan also participated mainly in the German leagues Stammkneipe (2n2 League) and BWCL, where it was able to achieve considerable success after a certain period of development. When the internationally dominant clan ToT) left the BWCL at the end of 2004, ash managed to win 4 of the next 5 seasons. Key players of that time were Kar, Ocean, ProChobo, Swift, TaShadan, Zpiet and most notably doLife, who also helped ash to become known through his individual successes. At that time ash. also maintained a B-team in the 2nd BWCL league, in which many regular players of the future already played, such as GaNg, MaSu, ToXi and the first foreign players City, Drewbie and Sonic.

With the opening of the German leagues for foreign clans and the stronger monetization of eSports (approx. from 2006) new clans entered the leagues and for ash it became more and more difficult to keep up. In accordance with the general trend, ash. became more and more international and many Scandinavian and Eastern European players joined the clan. Also an excellent French 2n2 team could be won with TiD and nAm.

As BWCL champion, ash was replaced by Czech clan CDS, which dominated the BWCL for several seasons until sponsored clans such as AfM/BOSS/xLo, MYM, DkH/mTw etc. took over the league. Furthermore ash entered the international leagues WGTCL and later the ICCCL. Although ash was able to stay in the first BWCL league until 2008, the team gradually established itself as a yoyo team, mostly playing alternately at the lower end of the first league or at the upper end of the second league.

The clan feud with w4sp/n!faculty, a sponsored German clan that had developed mainly from the traditional clan gG), also falls into the period of monetization. The clan w4sp collected many German players and regularly competed with ash for promotion to the first league - be it BWCL, WGTCL or ICCCL. As the last remaining "German" clans on a high level, the teams considered themselves natural enemies and at the latest after ash players who had fallen out of favour were taken in (fanatic, Zarrr) or some players were poached with money (TiD/nAm) the clan wars were characterised by an extremely heated atmosphere. Unforgotten is the anecdote about the relegation to the 2nd BWCL league, where w4sp won 4-2 against ash on the last matchday (a draw would have been enough for ash to stay in class) - only 2 weeks later the former ash. And current faculty player Zarrr (now known as Favorit) was caught hacking again and as a result ash was able to keep the class.

With the release of SC2, the league in BroodWar was gradually phased out and most ash players quit or moved on to the successor. In 2011 ash was disbanded.

In August 2017 ash. was refounded with the release of StarCraft:Remastered. Not only old ash players came back, but the team quickly became the nexus of many oldschool players who came back to Broodwar. Today ash plays in both the BWCL and the STPL. In the BWCL ash has 3 teams: ash-Aeterna (League 1), ash-Societas (League 4) and ash-Honoris (League 4).


Traditional (before 2011)[edit]

  • Germany  Asel
  • Germany  doLife
  • Germany  PaT
  • Germany  TaShadan

Starcraft: Remastered[edit]

  • Germany  Blacksun - Overall Manager and manages Team A BWCL
  • Germany  TaShadan - Founder and manages Team C BWCL
  • Canada  HitEmUp - Manages STPL
  • United States  ArtOfTurtle - Manages Team B BWCL
  • France  Baal - Manages Team C BWCL


Traditional (before 2011)[edit]

  • Germany  4ever
  • Germany  64Hands
  • Germany  Anco
  • Germany  Apfelbaeumchen
  • Austria  ajax
  • Finland  amed
  • Norway  AntiQue
  • Germany  Brain
  • Netherlands  brank
  • Germany  Calad
  • United States  City
  • Germany  Dentarg
  • Germany  Djin
  • Germany  Do0m
  • Germany  DreaM
  • Sweden  elric
  • Germany  Flosch
  • Germany  Frutzi
  • Germany  Gang
  • Germany  Ghosty
  • Germany  Jazar
  • Sweden  jOjO
  • Norway  joOa
  • Germany  Kar
  • United States  Logistics
  • Norway  Loke
  • Germany  Lux
  • Germany  MaSu
  • Germany  Pain
  • Germany  PaT
  • Germany  peoplez
  • Germany  ProChobo
  • Germany  Psychosis
  • United States  sbp
  • Germany  Selector
  • Germany  SilencePlz
  • Germany  spezzi
  • Germany  Stoic
  • Germany  Stan
  • United States  Sonic
  • Germany  Sunny
  • Germany  Swift
  • Germany  TaShadan
  • Germany  Toretto
  • Germany  Zarrr
  • Germany  Bimbes
  • Germany  chy
  • Denmark  Dahli
  • Germany  dedin
  • Norway  DRAYKiN
  • Germany  dregton
  • Germany  donaldinho
  • Germany  eternity
  • Germany  Fitnesszerg
  • Germany  illuminator
  • Germany  jack
  • Austria  juno
  • Germany  Kolll
  • United States  LzGamer
  • United States  MhX
  • France  nAm-
  • Germany  ocean
  • Germany  Ragnarok
  • Germany  Rob
  • Germany  SimOli
  • Germany  SlurpMe
  • Poland  Southpark
  • Germany  Suxxa
  • Germany  Sawya
  • Germany  Try
  • Germany  ToXi
  • Germany  Yang
  • Germany  Zpiet
  • Germany  AseL
  • France  CleqNeR
  • Germany  doLife
  • Canada  Drewbie
  • Austria  fanatic
  • Germany  Gettysburg
  • Finland  Grazze
  • Germany  Golan
  • Germany  kuro
  • Germany  MaKa
  • Slovakia  MrZoidberg
  • Denmark  Phytonas
  • Chile  Prodigy
  • Germany  Rei
  • Germany  saVer
  • Germany  Shadow
  • Germany  SlannesH
  • Germany  Space
  • Germany  Sparky
  • Germany  TheSmaSh
  • France  TiD-
  • Germany  Tioz
  • Germany  Ventilator

Starcraft: Remastered[edit]




  • Germany Protoss Blacksun (Admin)
  • France  Baal (Admin)
  • Sweden  Return (Admin)
  • United States  ArtOfTurtle (Captain)
  • Sweden  jOjO (Captain)
  • Spain  Alfa
  • Kazakhstan Zerg ClickMer
  • Sweden  ClonePro
  • Germany  doLife
  • Poland  Gangsta
  • Russia  Jedi_One
  • Bulgaria  Kik0
  • Germany  Mindflayer
  • Canada  Probert
  • Poland  Radley
  • Argentina Terran Sabbath
  • France  SeaW
  • Sweden  Space
  • Spain  SpaNiarD
  • Germany  TaShadan
  • Poland  VinGzil



  • France  Baal (Admin)
  • Germany  Dentarg (Cocaptain)
  • Sweden  Return (Cocaptain)
  • Germany  Asel
  • Sweden  fosho
  • Sweden  Bobloblaw
  • France  Bugg
  • Norway  Diggurd
  • Germany  GaNg
  • United States  Hazelynut
  • Netherlands  Inkjet
  • Poland  Jess
  • United States  ncx
  • Poland  Putrament
  • Sweden  Ssaurabi
  • Hungary  TeddyBear
  • Germany  ToXi
  • Costa Rica  ZakRom


  • France  Akwelz
  • United States  LDCTheLaw
  • Ireland  Sands

Team Achievements[edit]

2022-10-254thA2MinorDeathfate Pro Team League 22 : 4North American SquadNorth American Squad
2022-07-173rd - 4thA2MinorBWCL Season 562 : 3inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
2022-03-273rd - 4thA2MinorBWCL Season 552 : 3inte Riktigt klokainte Riktigt kloka
2021-11-223rdA2MinorBWCL Season 544–6Grp S.
2021-07-183rdA2MinorBWCL Season 535 : 0Eternal FriendsEternal Friends
2021-03-215th - 6thA1MajorShinhan Tank Proleague Season 4– : –
2021-02-283rdA2MinorBWCL Season 523 : 2disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
2021-02-213rdA2MinorBWCL Season 52: Div-C5–5Grp S.
2020-10-183rdA2MinorBWCL Season 513 : 2disturbed Minddisturbed Mind
2020-06-015thA2MinorBWCL Season 502–6Grp S.
Complete list of results in any tournament
2022-11-162ndA2MinorDSSL 160 : 4$32.88
2022-10-225th - 8thA1MajorDeathfate Pro League 40 : 3$57.60
2022-08-021stA2MinorBombastic StarLeague 15: GosuLeague4 : 3$100
2022-07-282ndA2Minor (Week.)DDS32: SquaLL vs. NbA1 : 6$21.60
2022-06-073rdA1MajorBSL 15 North America Championship0 : 3$250
2022-04-261stA2Minor (Week.)DDS29: NbA vs SquaLL5 : 2$40.25
2021-10-081stA2Minor (Sh.M.)theleo_ua Showmatch 95 : 4$46
2021-05-169th - 12thA1MajorBombastic StarLeague 121–2Grp S.$50
2021-05-012ndA2Minor (Week.)BW Jeez Weekly 1090 : 1$30
2021-03-201stA2Minor (Week.)BW Jeez Weekly 1031 : 0$50
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  • place BWCL Season 16
  • place BWCL Season 17
  • place BWCL Season 18
  • place BWCL Season 19
  • place BWCL Season 20
  • place BWCL Season 23
  • place BWCL allstar table [1]
  • place BWCL Season 51
  • place BWCL Season 52
  • place BWCL Season 53
  • place BWCL Season 54
  • place BWCL Season 55
  • place BWCL Season 56


  • Season 01/2004
  • Season 05/2004



  • BWCL Cup Season 17
  • ESGL Season 1
  • ESGL Season 2
  • place BWCL Season 44 Little League
  • place BWCL Season 50 - Division D
  • place STPL 5
  • place DPL 2