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AfreecaTV (아프리카TV) is a popular video streaming service located in South Korea, akin to in the West[1]. The service is popular for streaming of e-sports and video gaming, life-casting, including eating shows ("Mokbang"), and restreaming of Korean TV channels. Streamers are referred to as BJs, or Broadcast Jockeys.

Many Starcraft Brood War ex-pro-gamers stream on Afreeca, including Bisu, Sea, Killer and hero. Additionally, strong amateur players who are very popular on Afreeca include Larva and Mong. A list of known Afreeca BJs streaming Brood War can be found in the list below.

Afreeca offers several paid features as part of its serivce, including the "Balloon" donation. Viewers can choose to donate to streamers in a form of currency represented by balloons. Balloons can be exchanged to cash at a rate of about $0.07 per balloon, after deduction of Afreeca fees. Balloons are commonly donated by to BJs to express their appreciation. Streamers may receive balloons after entertaining matches or, in some instances, throughout the duration of their streaming, such as the case of very popular BJs like Bisu. During their streams, it is common for ex-pro-gamers to participate in fan-sponsored show matches involving a best-of-three or best-of-five series with the winner receiving several hundred balloons. Although the amount of total balloon donations are not made public, BJs do, on occasion, reveal their intake. For example, Shuttle received over 300,000 balloons (~$21,000) per month in late 2013.[2]

Afreeca streamers generally play Starcraft Brood War on the Fish Server against both amateurs and ex-pro-gamers.

Afreeca streams are viewed through either the desktop or mobile streams. The desktop route involves download (freeware) and installation of the Afreeca Player software (see picture of the software on the right). Currently, this software only supports Microsoft Windows using the Silverlight framework. It then interfaces with web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. No account registration is required, nor is Korean identification required. The mobile route involves download and installation of the Afreea app in Google Play on Google Android devices[3].

The Afreeca interface includes the video streaming screen on the left side, with a chat window administered by the BJ and moderators appointed by the BJ. Balloon gifts are shown in real-time in the chat window as donations are received. The right side of the interface offers the list of active streaming channels, organized by category. Advertisements are played every time a new stream is loaded, but can be bypassed as part of an Afreeca paid feature.

Afreeca is currently geared at the South Korean audience, so the website and player/app are offered only in the Korean language. Additionally, foreign audiences often experience lag issues with high latency, resulting in pauses during the stream. The mobile stream typically presents less lag issues to foreign audiences due to the compression and lowered bitrate of the video stream.

List of Known Afreeca Usernames[edit]

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