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[e][h]Air Force ACE
Team Information
Oh Dong Soo (오동수)
Yoo Seong Yeol (유성열)
Team Captain:
Player Breakdown
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April 2007

Air Force ACE is a Korean StarCraft professional team composed of members of the South Korean Air Force. Its current roster contains 11 players.


The Air Force team was founded in late 2006 when they announced that enlisted former pro-gamers Clon, ChRh, and H.O.T-Forever would be allowed to participate in the winter preliminaries. In South Korea, military service is mandatory for males (for 2 years at the time, though it has been reduced since then to 18 months), and the team thus attracted pro gamers who wanted to practice and compete during service. In April 2007, these 3 players, as well as Boxer, Mumyung, Sunny, fOru, and Rage, formed the core of the official team under the name Air-Force Challenges E-Sports (ACE). Air Force ACE first participated in proleague during the Shinhan Bank 2007 season.

Roster Changes[edit]

Team Achievements[edit]


  • Although statistically the weakest team in ProLeague, AirForce ACE has the highest StarLeague achievements (MSL/OSL 1st/2nd/3rd place) per person due to the small roster size and number of “old school” players.
  • Entered into the Guinness Book of Records Gamer’s Edition as the first military pro-gaming team.
  • ACE has came in last place in every season of Proleague since the team was founded except for the SPL 2008 season, where they came out slightly ahead of eSTRO.

Proleague Performance[edit]

Round Record Ace Record 2nd Man Record 3rd Man Record 4th Man/2v2 Team Record
2007 Round 1 6-16 Terran BoxeR 6-12 Zerg MuMyung 7-8 Zerg Clon 4-11 Zerg H.O.T-Forever/Terran Sunny 3-4
2007 Round 2 3-19 Terran BoxeR 11-10 Zerg Oversky 7-10 Zerg MuMyung 2-6 Zerg Clon/Protoss Rage 4-3
2008 Proleague 6-16 Protoss DaezanG 7-12 Terran BoxeR 5-11 Zerg Oversky 7-8 Zerg Clon/Protoss fOru 8-2
08-09 Rounds 1-2 2-20 Zerg Oversky 7-8 Terran Casy 6-6 Protoss Anytime 4-8 Zerg MuMyung 2-10
08-09 Round 3 (WL) 1-10 Protoss Anytime 11-9 Protoss Reach 9-10 Terran Casy 1-9 Zerg Oversky 1-4
08-09 Round 4 5-6 Protoss Anytime 3-6 Zerg Oversky 6-2 Zerg GoRush 4-4 Terran Casy 3-4
08-09 Round 5 1-10 Protoss Anytime 3-7 Zerg Oversky 3-5 Zerg GoRush 3-4 Terran XellOs 2-4
09-10 Round 1 2-9 Terran Ruby 6-7 Protoss Anytime 4-3 Terran DarkElf 2-5 Zerg GoRush 1-7
09-10 Round 2 0-11 Terran Ruby 2-7 Terran DarkElf 2-4 Zerg Yellow 2-4 Zerg GoRush 1-5
09-10 Round 3 (WL) 2-9 Terran Ruby 6-8 Protoss Much 4-6 Protoss Reach 2-6 Terran DarkElf 1-6
10-11 Round 1 2-7 Zerg ggaemo 5-4 Protoss Much 4-3 Protoss M18M 4-5 Terran firebathero 3-3

Player Roster[edit]

ID Team Name Race ELO ELO Peak
Canata 고인규 Ko In Kyu Terran 2066.02 pts 2190.03 pts
Chavi Air Force ACE 이정현 Lee Jung Hyun Zerg 2001.6 pts 2032.25 pts
firebathero 이성은 Lee Sung Eun Terran 2098.64 pts 2206.65 pts
ggaemo 김경모 Kim Kyung Mo Zerg 2030 pts 2091.58 pts
Great Air Force ACE 차명환 Cha Myung Hwan Zerg 1978.08 pts 2170.6 pts
GuemChi 김승현 Kim Seung Hyun Protoss 2027.84 pts 2154.84 pts
Iris 변형태 Byun Hyung Tae Terran 2072.35 pts 2238.82 pts
Jila 김구현 Kim Ku Hyun Protoss 2027.44 pts 2267.05 pts
StarDust (Teamless or Personal Sponsorship) 손석희 Son Seok Hee Protoss 2042.38 pts 2094.38 pts
OriOn Air Force ACE 권수현 Kwun Soo Hyun Zerg 1990.39 pts 2085.78 pts
Peace Air Force ACE 김태훈 Kim Tae Hoon Zerg 2004.43 pts 2062.37 pts
PianO 임진묵 Lim Jin Mook Terran 2012.49 pts 2089.44 pts
Rock 안기효 Ahn Gi Hyo Protoss 1965.61 pts 2152.86 pts