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[e][h]Protoss AlfiO
Player Information
Alternate IDs:
Danpil, Effany, Jesuisnoob
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????-??-?? — Present

"AlfiO" is a Protoss player from Italy and currently a member of the international Federation of Untouchables.


AlfiO gained first notability after the StarCraft II Beta. In the early half of 2011 he had a decent record in several clan leagues, such as the ICCup's Clan League (ICC CL) and in later months in the Gambit Cup. The Protoss started to improve his win ratio, despite taking on high profiled players throughout the year.[1] However, the Italian only entered few individual events and mostly focussed on clan leagues and ladders. His most notable finishes were second places in the Defiler Tour 24 and the Defiler Tour 44.

Alfio is known for his bad manners. He often crosses the thin line dividing trash talk and pure insults. In February 2013 AlfiO was banned from the Defiler Defender Tournaments, since he smurfed and violated the event rules. His behaviour often influences his reputation in a bad way, despite him being able to win against many of the best foreign players[2].

He appeared as Effany in 1st qualifiers for TLS2 and made it to the finals losing only to Marwin. Eventually he dropped from tournament, cause of his personal reasons.


2013-04-28CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 55Defiler Tournament 55AlfiO0 : 1South Korea  anfod$10
2012-11-11BA2ndA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 44Defiler Tournament 44AlfiO1 : 3Bulgaria  TechnicS$20
2012-05-06CA3rdA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 37Defiler Tournament 37AlfiO0 : 1South Korea  Scan$10
2011-09-11BA2ndA4Weekly1v1Defiler Tournament 24Defiler Tournament 24AlfiO0 : 3Russia  Idegel$20
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