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[e][h]Protoss Anytime
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Oh Yeong Jong
October 18, 1986 (age 36)
Alternate IDs:
Death God, 사신 (Sashin 死神) Toss
Approx. Total Winnings:
2004-??-?? — 2006-03-23
2006-03-23 — 2008-??-??
2008-??-?? — 2010-10-30
2010-10-30 — 2011-11-04

Oh "Anytime" Yeong Jong is a former StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Protoss for Hwaseung OZ. He currently plays in amateur leagues.


The StarCraft world was severely shocked after the finals of the So1 OSL. An unknown Protoss using the alias "Anytime[gm]" demolished the Terran Emperor 3-2 in the final and in doing so walked the Royal Road. Oh Yeong Jong had come from the troubled Plus team, which was lacking the financial support of a sponsor, to the glory of becoming an OSL champion.

in 2003 Yeong Jong entered the Yuhsoo Amateur Game Festival along with various other amateur gamers. Despite placing 4th he caught the eye of Han Sang Yong, coach of Plus, and was quickly recruited into the team. Under the guidance of Park Ji-Ho (Pusan) he quickly developed an impressive macro game earning him the title of "Zealot Factory". Yeong Jong and Ji Ho's friendship would be a critical part of his development.

After Ji Ho left Plus, Yeong Jong assumed the position of primary Protoss in the team. He continued to develop under the direction of Sang Yong. It was not until 2005 that Yeong Jong burst out onto the scene like a bullet. Tearing through ODT, he became the 4th seed for the So1 Starleague. After his success in the ODT he defeated iloveoov 3-1 in the semifinals and then BoxeR 3-2 in the grand finals.

Yeong Jong became a star over night, associated in fans' minds with Dark Templar play, earning him the nickname "Sasin Toss" ("Death God Toss"). It is fair to say that he pioneered Dark Templar openings for the new generation of Protoss. In addition to this he became one of the Neo-Protoss kings along with old friend-turned-rival Pusan and Stork.

After So1, Yeong Jong dropped off the scene, succumbing to the OSL winner's curse. Impressive showings by teammate Shinhwa in conjunction with Yeong Jung's Starleague efforts earned Plus much-needed financial backing from Lecaf and thus Lecaf OZ was born. It would not be until the fall that Yeong Jong would rise again.

Anytime and NaDa face each other before the OSL final.

In the fall of 2006, in 2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 2, Yeong Jong once again fought through many high-caliber opponents and made an impressive showing, defeating Julyzerg, GGplay and GoRush before destroying Midas 3-2 in the semifinals. This time however, he could not go all the way, losing to NaDa in an epic final. Once again, Yeong Jong slumped; earning him the pseudo-nickname "Fall Toss" for only being strong in the fall.[1] This was the beginning of "The Legend of the Fall," the apparent trend of Protoss players making deep tournament runs in the fall.

In 2008, Anytime signed up for his mandatory military service and thus left OZ and joined Air Force ACE.[2]

Anytime returned to the ACE lineup for the 09-10 Proleague. He finished the first round with a solid 4 win, 3 loss record, including two ace matches: a victory over free and a loss to great.

After finishing his military duty Anytime was discharged on October 30, 2010 and returned to Hwaseung OZ shortly after.[3] Once back in OZ he quickly became the new captain of the team and thus took the burden off of Jaedong's shoulders, who had been the captain since ggaemo had left for Air Force ACE.[4] When Hwaseung OZ disbanded, Anytime retired from progaming. He still streams on Afreeca.


The table shows Anytime's overall record as of March 28, 2011:

Overall Statistics
Matchup Games Win Loss Ratio
vs. Terran 200 112 88 56.0%
vs. Zerg 205 101 104 49.3%
vs. Protoss 123 63 60 51.2%
Total 528 276 252 52.3%


  • Oh Yeong Jong joined in the “100 wins in Proleague” Club after his win over Kim Ku Hyun (Kal) on Fortress in 2nd game vs. STX SouL (2010.07.04). Oh Yeong Jong achieved 91 wins (92 losses) in 1v1 games and 9 wins (11 losses) in 2v2 games.
  • Oh Yeong Jong was the third progamer (tied with Reach) who played 200 games in Proleague (2010.06.15 vs. great), 98 wins and 102 losses; the first was Lee Jae Dong (Jaedong) and the second was Kim Yoon Hwan (Calm).
  • 2007 Shinhan Bank Proleague Round 2 MVP


Anytime after his OSL win.
In A0Premier Tournaments
2008-05-0825th - 32ndA0Premier2008 Arena MSLLecaf OZLecaf OZ0–2Grp S.$805
2008-03-089th - 16thA0Premier2008 GOMTV MSL Season 4Lecaf OZLecaf OZ1 : 2$1,275
2008-02-273rd - 4thA0PremierGOMTV Star InvitationalLecaf OZLecaf OZ1 : 3$5,332.43
2006-11-182ndA0Premier2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 2Lecaf OZLecaf OZ2 : 3$21,695
2005-11-051stA0Premier2005 So1 OSLPlusPlus3 : 2$16,100
In A1Major Tournaments
2012-02-192ndA1MajorTerror's PC Family BJ Starleague0 : 4$440
2007-03-311stA1Major (Sh.M.)2007 CJ SuperFight 5ProtossProtoss– : –$4,290.67
Complete list of results in any tournament
Place Year Event/League
1st 2005 Daum Direct Dual Tournament Round 1
2nd 2004 iTV Newcomers' League
  • Shinhan Bank Proleague 2007: MVP
OSL Champion
Preceded By:
South Korea Zerg July
5th November 2005-4th March 2006
South Korea Protoss AnyTime
Shinhan2005 OSL
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran iloveoov

Notable Games[edit]



  • vs. Zerg YellOw on R-Point, So1 StarLeague 2005, Ro16 Group D Game 3 VOD
    • Both players start cross positions on R-Point and Anytime starts with a gas heavy Dark Templar Rush, after scouting an expansion of Zerg (Darkness, Pimpest Plays 2005)


  • vs. Protoss Kal on Fortress, Shinhan Bank Proleague 09–10, Ro5 Week 6 Day 2 2nd set  — 100 wins in Proleague.