[e][h]Terran Armory
Building Information
100 50 50
750 1
V  A
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:
  • Level 1-3 Vehicle Plating
  • Level 1-3 Vehicle Weapons
  • Level 1-3 Ship Plating
  • Level 1-3 Ship Weapons

The Armory is a building constructed by Terran to enable production of advanced units such as Valkyries and Goliaths. Although neither these advanced nor any other units are not directly built by the Armory, it is a required complementary building for production buildings such as the Starport and Factory. The Armory also allows the research of upgrades to Terran Mechanical units.

There are four available upgrades from the Armory: Vehicle Weapons, Vehicle Plating, Ship Weapons, and Ship Plating. Each upgrade has three levels, which increases depending on the type of unit. In some strategies involving heavy use of Mechanical units, Terran players will often opt to construct multiple Armories for simultaneous upgrades.

Note, like the Supply Depot and Academy, the Armory does not have the Lift Off ability.

In terms of competitive tactics:

  • In TvP match-ups, Goliaths are used to counter Carriers, so the Armory is sometimes targeted by Protoss players as a means of disrupting Goliath production. Since upgrade processes at the Armory are visible (rotating center gear), destroying this building may be used to intentionally interrupt the Terran's flow of upgrades.
  • The Armory can be used in place of Supply Depot for a stronger and easily repairable Wall-In, as the building has the greatest amount of hit points (750) for a building of such size, although this technique is not possible until late-Tier tech, and would be impractical on most maps. Nonetheless, an Armory-choke can be used to defend 2nd or 3rd expansions that have a narrow passage, before Tanks and Goliaths are available at that location.

Upgrades Available[edit]

Vehicle Weapons
 100(+75)      100(+75)      168(+20) (fastest)
Researching these three upgrades will increase Goliaths by +3 (+1 per upgrade) for ground attack and +12 (+3 per) for air attack, Vultures by +6 (+3 per), and Tanks +9 (+3 per upgrade) in Tank mode and by +15 (+5 per level) in Siege Mode.
Vehicle Plating
 100(+75)      100(+75)      168(+20) (fastest)
Researching these three upgrades will increase the armor of Tanks, Goliaths, and Vultures by +3 (+1 per upgrade)
Ship Weapons
 100(+50)      100(+50)      168(+20) (fastest)
Researching all of the Ship Weapons upgrades will increase Wraiths by +3 (+1 per upgrade) for ground attack and air attack by +6 (+2 per upgrade), Valkyries by +3 (+1 per), and Battlecruisers by +9 (+3 per).
Ship Plating
 150(+75)      150(+75)      168(+20) (fastest)
Researching all of the Ship Armor upgrades will increase armor by +3 (+1 per upgrade) for all Terran air units.

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