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[e][h]Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment StarCraft AI Competition
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Michael Buro
David Churchill

The Artificial 'Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment StarCraft AI Competition or AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition is a recurring annual tournament that has been held yearly since 2010. It is currently organized by Michael Buro and David Churchill[1] in affiliation with the University of Alberta, Canada. Together with CIG and SSCAIT it is one of the three big AI tournaments for Brood War AI. In number of games played AIIDE is in fact the largest by some margin.

The 2017 tournament is held at Memorial University of Newfoundland in September.


In 2010 the AIIDE did not just do a big round-robin tournament - separate 'skills' were tested. It should be stressed that the AIIDE has a greater focus on AI instead of the coding of build orders, as the SSCAIT does.

Since 2011 all bots play several round-robins. No second stage or knock-out matches are played. It's just the bot with the biggest win percentage that is declared the winner. AIIDE requires bots to publish their source code, so some bots don't enter.


AIIDE # Date Winner Runner-Up Third place Final Score Reference
AIIDE2010 2010  Overmind  krasi0bot  Chronos 3-0, 3-0 Score page, Archived bracket
AIIDE2011 2011  Skynet  UAlbertabot  Aiur n/a Score page
AIIDE2012 2012  Skynet  Aiur  UAlbertabot n/a Score page
AIIDE2013 2013  UAlbertaBot  Skynet  Aiur n/a Score page
AIIDE2014 2014  ICEBot  XIMP  LetaBot n/a Score page
AIIDE2015 2015  tscmoo  ZZZKBot  Overkill n/a Score page
AIIDE2016 2016  Iron Bot  ZZZKBot  tscmoo n/a Score page
AIIDE2017 2017  ZZZKBot  PurpleWave  Iron Bot n/a Score page
AIIDE2018 2018  SAIDA  CherryPi  CSE n/a Score page
AIIDE2019 2019  Locutus  PurpleWave  BananaBrain n/a Score page
AIIDE2020 2020  Stardust  PurpleWave  BananaBrain n/a Score page

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