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Dan Stemkoski
April 6, 1983 (age 39)
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Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski is an American Terran player and widely noted commentator.


Artosis is known as both a successful amateur player and a high level commentator, associated with TSL and several other events. He worked for IEG through the site[1] with news, commentating and had his own StarCraft weekly show.[2] He has hosted many online and offline tournaments and other events during the years, such as Ascension and ESWC Asian Masters in early 2009, with online qualifiers and one foreigner going to Korea for the finals.

Unlike many previous players turned commentators, Artosis has a reputation as a good player that gives him insight into gameplay. This is because he has played StarCraft for so long and qualified for no less than seven WCG USA Finals and in 2004 he qualified for the WCG Grand Finals. In the grand finals he lost two games and won one in his group. That ultimately was not enough to qualify him for the elimination bracket.

Artosis did more for the Brood War community than comment and make videos for SCForAll, he was also one of the people involved in bringing the Dutch Zerg Jos "ret" de Kroon to Korea, supplying eSTRO coaches with replays and acting as the middleman. Later on, when things turned sour between eSTRO and ret, he helped out by letting ret stay at his place until ret decided to leave in January 2010.

During the 2009-2010 timespan, he was one of the four official casters for the 2009 TSL, where he teamed up with friend and former teammate Nick "Tasteless" Plott. Together they formed a duo that was officially named "The Casting Archon". He also commented the special series between IdrA and NonY together with Blake "Chill" Muzar.

TSL announcing text about Artosis

Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski was a top American Terran player before beginning his casting career by covering mainly non-Korean online tournaments like Ascension. After casting the Razer TSL in 2008, Artosis moved to Korea and did interviews and coverage for IEG, the media giant that sponsored the eSTRO professional gaming team. Artosis joined Tasteless to cast Blizzcon 2008 and 2009, as well as the WCG Grand Final this year. Artosis also hosted many online and offline tournaments and other events during the years, such as Ascension and ESWC Asian Masters in early 2009, with online qualifiers and one foreigner going to Korea for the finals. Artosis is known as "The Wikipedia of StarCraft" for his comprehensive knowledge of the game.

The Pylon Show[edit]

In early 2018, INcontroL created The Pylon Show podcast with co-host Artosis and CobraVe7nom7 who produces the show weekly.

Below is a list of episodes that focused on BW completely, or had a large segment about it.

Title Guests
#112 Moletrap & Diggitysc join Artosis for Caster Throwback Moletrap, Diggity
#90: StarCraft Tools, Mods and Memes nice__username, feardragon, MasterReY
#88: Comparing designing maps in SC2 vs BW Freakling, NegativeZero, SUPEROUMAN
#74: 2019 Christmas Special DocHoliday, Nyoken, Schamtoo, ZZZero
#68: Part 1, Interview with Grant Davies from Blizzard Dev Team
#68: Part 2, Corrupted Cup Review
Grant Davies, RAPiD, ROOTCatZ
#67: Corrupted Cup Preview Models, Ty2, Jaeyun
#62: Legend of FLASH Docholiday, Schamtoo
#59: In memory of INcontroL
#44: BW Edition Nyoken, Qikz, ZZZero


  • Member of the USA National Team
  • Started up a website selling nerdy SC T-shirts together with Nick "Tasteless" Plott called The Handsome Nerd.
  • Got caught on camera doing the very embarrassing move "the handgun" and a gif was quickly created.
  • Has a hatred for the Protoss race and especially the Dark Templar unit.
  • The Vulture is his favorite unit.
Artosis performing
"The Handgun"

Artosis performing
"The *NEW* Handgun"


In A1Major Tournaments
2022-04-24BA2ndA1MajorBSL Races ChampionshipTerranTerran2 : 6ProtossProtoss$27.27
2020-12-11BA2ndA1Major (Sh.M.)Artosis Showmatch Series #20 : 4$1,054.80
2020-08-28BA2ndA1Major (Sh.M.)Artosis Showmatch Series #13 : 4$858
2006-09-17CA3rdA1MajorWCG USA 20060 : 2$900
Complete list of results in any tournament
  • 1st WCG USA East Qualifier 5
  • WCG USA Finalist
  • 1st Atlanic Qualifier 1
  • WCG USA Finalist
  • 4th WCG USA Finals
  • 10th WCG South/Atlantic Online Qualifiers
  • 4th WCG US Open
  • 3rd WCG USA Finals
  • WCG USA Finalist
  • 1st WCG Massachusetts
  • 1st WCG Regionals: Maryland
  • 3rd WCG Grand Finals Groupstage (did not qualify for bracket)
  • 1st WCG New Jersey 2004
  • 1st WCG New England Prelim 2003
  • 3rd WCG New England Finals
  • 1st WCG Dallas 2002
  • 5th WCG USA Finals 2002
DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-11-07 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 12Tastosis English Commentator
2021-06-06 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 11Tastosis English Commentator
2020-11-15 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 10Commentator
2019-09-01 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 8Commentator
2019-06-08 A1PremierKorea StarCraft LeagueKorea StarCraft LeagueKSL Season 3English Caster
2019-03-17 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 7Commentator
2018-12-15 A1PremierKorea StarCraft LeagueKorea StarCraft LeagueKSL Season 2English Caster
2018-10-28 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 6Commentator
2018-09-08 A1PremierKorea StarCraft LeagueKorea StarCraft LeagueKSL Season 1English Caster
2017-11-12 A1PremierASLASLASL Season 4Commentator
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  1. is offline and now has a different host
  2. SCforAll Show