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[e][h]Zerg Avi-Love
Player Information
Mathias Høyer
October 20, 1985 (age 38)
Alternate IDs:
Avi, EverquestUser
Approx. Total Winnings:


Mathias "Avi-love" Høyer is a Danish player from Copenhagen and he has been active since 2005. He is a former member of clan eye, and currently member of Clan Revolution. Avi-love had a break from BW in 2011-2016, he played SC2 before returning for SC:Remastered.

His favorite match-up is ZvT, which is shown by his tear trough the swiss group stage of BSL 4, defeating 3 T's and one P, and his preference for opening mutalisk. He follows the korean scene closely: Soulkey, Flash and Mini being his inspirations and enjoying games on Sparkle.

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 62 30 32 48.4 %
vs T 57 28 29 49.1 %
vs Z 54 26 28 48.1 %
All 175 86 89 49.1 %



Logitech G403


Mechanical Coolermaster


2022-04-243rdMajorBSL Races ChampionshipBSL Races Championship
2021-05-0813th - 16thMajorBombastic StarLeague 12Bombastic StarLeague 120-2Grp S.-
2021-04-034thMajorBombastic StarLeague 11Bombastic StarLeague 112 : 3$350
2020-10-109th - 12thMajorBombastic StarLeague 10Bombastic StarLeague 101-2Grp S.-
2020-07-195th - 6thMajorLiquipedia Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 3Liquipedia Shinhan Tank Proleague Season 3
Clan RevolutionClan Revolution
2 : 3
Valhalla TeamValhalla Team
2020-02-025th - 8thMajorBombastic StarLeague 8Bombastic StarLeague 82 : 3$50
2019-05-043rd - 4thMinorLet’s Go 3!0 : 2$15.22
2018-05-192ndBiw. (Min.)Foreign Brood War Cup #10 : 3$60.30
2018-05-129th - 12thMajorBombastic StarLeague 4Bombastic StarLeague 41-2Grp S.-
2018-01-273rd - 4thWeek. (Min.)Clash for Char #151 : 2$13
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