Movie Contests

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In 2007 and 2008 the German fan page hosted two movie contests. Its motivation was encourage more cooperation between directors and newcomers to make highlight movies, as well as an attempt to revive the dwindeling German media scene.


The competition was open to everyone, with no restrictions for software, length or used audio tracks. Every participant could chose his recorded scenes from a replay pool and build a movie with the motto/content he liked. The work-phase was three months; after that all clips had to be published.

2007 Movie Contest[edit]

The first edition featured three movies. Although this event had bigger advertisements on several pages only three directors signed up. Registered users on's forum were allowed to vote for their favourite movies; the clip with most won.

2008 Movie Contest[edit]

In the second edition the rules had been changed slightly. Every participant had to hand in 10 replays; from all sent replays the final pool was generated. Additionally an invited jury (dyo, NumbSchiller, Slave, IPS.Zero) graded every clip on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the best. In the forums registered users could vote on each published clip on the same scale. A movie could score with 50 points overall in this way.