King of Kings - 300 Special Edition

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[e][h]King of Kings - 300 Special Edition
League Information
Server: eu
Single elimination
Start Date:
End Date:


In 2003 the Brood War Clan League hosted a tournament series in cooperation with's BW4Ever tournament portal: the King of Kings series.

These were individual tours, which only players from BWCL clans could enter. Every team had the option to send a number of players into the competition, depending on their placement in the divisions.

This series should in theory be hosted once per season, but was often paused due to problems with the tournament page. The latest editions run in 2009 were won by Lithuania  Arew, playing now for Sweden iRk.

King of Kings - 300 SE is a bit different, it grants a spot to anyone registered for the BWCL Season 47, around 300 players.

The idea is to slay all players in a BIG single elimination bracket splitted in few days. To avoid to be raped by the strongest players since beginning, 16 of them will be seeded at Day2.


  • Day 1 - Sunday 21 April 19:00 CEST
    • (bo1) - Ro300 - Qualifiers from 300 to 16 players
  • Day 2 - Sunday 28 April 19:00 CEST
    • (bo3 - bo3) - Ro32 - Q16 vs S16 (16 Qualified vs 16 Seeded players of div-a top4) + Ro16
  • Day 3 - Sunday 5 May 19:00 CEST
    • (bo3 - bo5) - Ro8 + Ro4
  • Day 4 - Sunday 12 May 19:00 CEST
    • (bo7) - Final


  • The official BWCL Map Pool has to be used (Wiki)BWCL Season 47.
  • The Maps for the second (and third, if any) match are chosen by the loser of the match just played.
  • No map is allowed to be chosen twice, unless the opponent agrees.
  • Complaints about wrong maps are not valid if the game has been already played, it's player's duty to use the correct map.
  • The starting map is chosen by the Admins and is displayed at grids as follow:
Day 1
Cross Game Oxide Fighting Spirit Rebirth Neo Sylphid Magrathea Heartbeat
Cross Game Oxide Fighting Spirit Rebirth Neo Sylphid Magrathea Heartbeat

Day 2
Oxide Fighting Spirit Rebirth
Oxide Fighting Spirit Rebirth

Day 3
Neo Sylphid Heartbeat
Neo Sylphid Heartbeat

Day 4

General rules[edit]

  • In case of unforeseen problems, the Administration has to be contacted immediately.
  • Cheating in any way or form is strictly prohibited and may result in the ban of an entire team for life time.
  • Heavy flaming and trash talk are forbidden.
  • Abusing of bugs is strictly forbidden. This includes Gas Walk and Flying Unit variations (if not fixed) and Observer over Turret. However, Hold Lurkers and Drilling via Mineral Slide with Minerals in vision is allowed.


  • In Day1 a check-in is required to get your name in grid.
  • You can check-in at any time before the start of tour, do it as soon as possible if you mind to play.
  • Time limit Sunday 21 April 18:59 CEST (no check-in = no play).
  • The check-in link will be shared using Discord, contact your Clan Leader if you still didn't join the BWCL Server.

Results and walkovers[edit]

  • Report everything at bracket page with a comment
  • Walk over can be claimed after 15 min
  • Right click on the cell you should advance and add a comment
  • Replays must be saved in case an admin need to review a result


  • If a disconnect occurs during the first two minutes of a Clan League match, the match must be repeated; players have to use the same race as in the disconnected match.
  • If a disconnect occurs after the first two minutes, players may agree the winner accordingly; if the players cannot agree, a BWCL Admin must be notified, to decide on the issue.

Version and Server[edit]

  • Last patch
  • Server: SC:R - EU
  • Channel: 300


  • Speed Setting '7 — Fastest'.
  • Dynamic turn rate.
  • Third party observers are only allowed if both players agree.
  • Official casters and streamers must be allowed into the game lobby.
  • Replays of every match must be saved.


Brackets can be seen here.