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BWCL Season 50

[e][h]BWCL Season 50
League Information
Server: EU
Weekly Online
double round robin
Start Date:
April 2020
End Date:
July 2020


The Brood War Clan League (BWCL) is the oldest and still active foreign clan league. For a long time the organizers were able to fill 15 divisions with 10 clans in each; its reputation was based on the many top clans competing in it, often leading to a waiting list with more than 50 clans queued up.


BWCL was founded in 2001 by the German fan page that was later renamed to later - the name BWCL however did not change.

In the early years the league was German only and didn't support any other languages, since all divisions could be filled with German-Speaking (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) clans.

Ever since Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft the German scene became smaller, which forced the league to open its doors to the international scene step by step. In 2004 (citation needed) the BWCL allowed mercanaries for each clans that did not need to speak German as first language. This rule was heavily criticized at first. In 2005 (citation needed) full English support was implemented and the first foreign clans joined.

Ever since SCII Beta stages the league had to suffer from heavy inactivity and most divisions had to be closed. Since season 38 the number of participating clans increased again. However, with the influx of players declining a few months after the release of Wings of Liberty the sign ups sank to an all-time low. Eventually, the BWCL Season 44 marked the last season for the upcoming years.

In late 2017 the clan league re-opened the doors with a test season, once again carried by the release of StarCraft Remastered. The first season was labelled "Beta Season" and featured twelve teams with more than fifteen players each. In January 2018 the BWCL Season 44 [sic!] started, this time featuring a league for rookies called "Little League", being only open to players with an MMR lower than 1900 points.


Divisions will be based on the previous season standings; the format is a double round-robin league (each clan meets twice).

  • Four 1v1
  • One 2v2
  • Best of three.

Divisions are hierarchized, playoffs and playout will be played at the end of the regular season to decide what clan will be promoted or demoted in the higher/lower division. The points system is fixed, every Clan will receive one point for every set win, in addition the winning Clan will receive an extra point: example CW result 3-2, the points assigned are +4 and +2.


BWCL 50 Maps
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1 Sweden iRk-A Bolivia BuLL)-B Mexico vT-C Bolivia BuLL-D
2 Chile dM- Mexico vT-B Bulgaria pSi. Peru AyaC)-D
3 EngSpeaking [NaS]-A Peru AyaC)-B Peru [eF]-C
4 Europe Rev. Peru TGz- Czech Republic [pariah]
5 Europe ash-A Poland [KDV] EngSpeaking [NaS]-C Europe ash-D
6 World SouL) Germany Red. Sweden iRk-C

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