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BWCL Season 51/Rules

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki


  • The following rules should be read in the context of fair play.
  • Administration tries to provide the teams participating in with a working environment, but can not guarantee activity. It's teams duty to do all necessary to not stall the procedure.
  • Furthermore, the spirit of the rules should be followed, rather than the wording.
  • Administration is more interested in seeing all games played, rather than in teams trying their best to bend the rules in their favor, while trying to force their will over opponents.

General Rules[edit]

  1. By signing up, players confirm that they have read and understood these Rules, and that they will abide by them.
  2. In case of unforeseen problems, the Administration has to be contacted immediately.
  3. Heavy flaming and trash talking is forbidden.
    • Ban the player from current season.
    • Ban the player also for the next season.
    • Team penalty from -1 to -3 points.
  4. Using hacks or rigged maps is strictly prohibited:
    • Life time ban.
  5. Abusing of bugs is strictly forbidden. This includes Gas Stacks and Flying Unit variations (if not fixed). However, Hold Lurkers and Drilling via Mineral Slide with Minerals in vision is allowed.

Clan - Leaders - Players[edit]

  1. Administration reserves the Right of Admission for each and every players.
  2. The Leader is the only and final responsible for his Clan.
  3. Every Clan has to nominate a leader who manages the team in the ongoing season. Captains can serve as second in command to help his leader.
  4. Players must be members of a single Clan participating in this League; It's Clan Leaders' duty to ensure his payers are not members of another Clan.
    1. This rule is extended to Clan with teams in multiple divisions, members cannot switch division during the regular season, nor playoffs.
    2. The unique exception is for members of disbanded teams.
  5. It's forbidden:
    1. Smurfing (create fake account to hid your identity)
      • Ban the involved players for the current and next season.
      • All the played games set to loss as walkover.
    2. Shared accounts (another person playing for you)
      • Ban the involved players from 1 to 3 years.
      • All the played games set to loss as walkover.
    3. Double Clanning (be member of multiple teams playing BWCL)
      • Discretionary punishments:
        • Ban the involved players for 10 years.
        • Demote the Clan Leader.
        • All the played games set to loss as walkover.
        • Penalize the involved teams from -1 to -5 points.
  6. The minimum number of players per Clan is 6 for a max of 20.
  7. Leaders have to write the Roster at his Clan Discord channel specifying who is Team Leader or co-leader and to keep it updated.
    • Not updated roster:
      • 1st time: warning.
      • 2nd time: warning.
      • 3rd time: -1 point.
      • 4th time: -1 point + Leader demoted.
    1. Near every name must be the ID (i.e. Roia[tQ] - Roia#2615 - co-leader).
      • To write fake ID imply 10 years ban Leader and player.
  8. Multiple Clan with same tag are allowed in all divisions except Div-A (example ash-D1, ash-D2).
  9. Adding and removing players during the regular season is allowed at any time (even 5 min before the start of the CW).
    1. It's mandatory to use the Discord search function with the ID to verify the player is not already playing for another Clan.
    2. Changes have to be announced in the Discord Roster-changes channel.
  10. New players must appear in the leaderboard.
  11. New players have to have never played in the current season for another team.
  12. Koreans living outside Korea, english speakers, never been pro, ex-pro or semi-pro (used to train with pro or ex-pro) are considered part of the foreigners community and are allowed to play.
  13. Koreans living in Korea are NOT allowed to play.

Version - Server - Games[edit]

  1. The latest StarCraft Patch is needed.
  2. All Clan League matches are played on the official European Server
  3. The default Channel is respectively DIV-A, DIV-B, DIV-C, DIV-D
  4. All matches have to be payed on Speed Setting '7 — Fastest'.
  5. Dynamic turn rate has to be used.
  6. Third party observers are allowed only if both players agree.
  7. Official casters and streamers must be allowed into the game lobby.
  8. Replays of every match must be saved and sent to Clan Leader.

Schedule and Mode[edit]

  1. Clan League matches take place once a week; the default time is Sunday, 19:00 CET/CEST.
    1. BWCL is always played at 19:00 Central Europe Time.
    2. CET or CEST doesn't matter (example: season starts during summer time 19:00 CEST, time change, next week we play 19:00 CET and viceversa).
  2. The time and channel for a CW (or single set) may be changed by mutual agreement of the Clan Leaders involved, as long as the CW/set is played before the next Sunday. In this case the BWCL administration has to be informed by posting in the pre-postponements discord channel.
  3. The CW format is four 1v1 and one 2v2, all best of 3. No player may play more than one 1on1.
  4. The line-up MUST be submitted before the 19:00 CET/CEST. Failure to do so, may opponents claim a walk over victory.
    • In any case submitting line-ups after the time limit imply -2 point penalty.
  5. Replays have to be submitted by the winner team in the proper discord channel.
    • If Admins, when needed, don't find the CW replay pack in the discord channel team penalty -3 points.
      • If Leaders can't provide the replays, additional -3 points penalty.

Walk Over[edit]

  1. A walk over can be requested if a team/player misses to show up 15 Minutes after the scheduled time.
  2. Full CW Walk over is counted as +4 and -2 points. Single set is counted as 2-0 score.
  3. In case of missing players, 2 sets can be claimed as single walk over; if the limit exceeds the CW must be counted as full walk over.
  4. Single sets can be postponed if both teams agree. It is duty of the teams to play out the missing sets within the next CW, failure to do so will imply the set scored 0-0.
  5. Teams with 3 walk over are banned from the league and its previous scores are reset.
    1. If none or just one walk over is in the first half of the league, those scores are valid and only the second half of the league is reset.


  1. The official BWCL Map Pool has to be used.
  2. The first map of every set is chosen by the Administration and is displayed at grids.
  3. The Maps for the second (and third, if any) match are chosen by the loser of the match just played.
  4. No map is allowed to be chosen twice, unless the opponent agrees.
  5. Complaints about wrong maps are not valid if the game has been already played, it's player's duty to use the correct map.

Disconnects and Pausing[edit]

  1. If a disconnect occurs during the first two minutes of a Clan League match, the match must be repeated; players have to use the same race as in the disconnected match.
  2. If a disconnect occurs after the first two minutes of a Clan League match, players may agree who caused the disconnects and act accordingly; if the players cannot agree, a BWCL Admin must be notified, to decide on the issue.
  3. Every player may pause or unpause a Clan League match at any time, without giving a reason; complaints referring to pausing or unpausing a Clan League match are not accepted by the BWCL Administration.
    • The administration advices both parties to follow the motto of fair play and not try to gain an advantage in these cases.


  1. Divisions are hierarchized, playoffs and playout will be played at the end of the regular season to decide what clan will be promoted or demoted in the higher/lower division.
  2. Divisions will be based on the previous season standings; the format is a double round-robin league (each Clan meets twice).
  3. The number of divisions is decided season by season depending by the number of participants.
  4. The number of Clan per division may vary, in general maintaining 6 Clan per division spawn a grid with 10 weeks, wich is a good deal.
    1. The last (the lowest) division can be adapted though.


  1. The points system is fixed, every Clan will receive one point for every set win, in addition the winning Clan will receive an extra point: example CW result 3-2, the points assigned are +4 and +2.
  2. Tie-break rules:
    1. Direct match victory.
    2. Games win.


  • LEAGUE WINNER: The top4 Div-A teams will play a single elimination bracket seeded 1-4 and 2-3.
  • MIXED FORMAT PLAY-OFF/OUT: winners promoted, losers demoted.
     Div-A rank 5 vs. Div-B rank 2 
     Div-A rank 6 vs. Div-B rank 1
     Div-B rank 5 vs. Div-C rank 2
     Div-B rank 6 vs. Div-C rank 1
     Div-C rank 5 vs. Div-D rank 2
     Div-C rank 6 vs. Div-D rank 1
  • MIXED FORMAT PLAY-OFF/OUT for twin divisions:
     Div-E1 rank 1 vs. Div-E2 rank 1, winner promoted (D6 demoted), loser vs D5
     Div-E1 rank 2 vs. Div-E2 rank 2, winner vs D4
     Div-E1 rank 3 vs. Div-E2 rank 3, winner vs D3
  • In case of one disqualified team, the 1st team from the lower division is directly promoted and the 2nd play vs the 5th of the disq division.

example: 1 team disq in Div-B

- C1 directly promoted + C2 vs B5
  • In case of two disqualified teams, the 1st team from the lower division is directly promoted and the 2nd play vs the 3rd.

example: 2 teams disq in Div-B

- C1 directly promoted + C2 vs C3
  • Roster changes are not allowed during playoffs/out and players have to have played at least one match in the regular season.
  • Postponements are not allowed during playoffs/out.
  • BM during playoffs imply the set lost (and if needed the ban for the rest of playoffs and/or next season).


  1. Players are free to stream their own games during the regular season.
  2. In case opponents claim for lag, the stream must be closed.
  3. Complaints about suspected stream-cheat are denied, use stream-delay or turn it off.
  4. Streaming personal games or third players during playoffs/out phase is only allowed after being granted permission by the BWCL Administration.


  1. In case of unforeseeable and/or unforeseen circumstances, the BWCL Administration reserves the right to modify these Rules without justification or prior announcement.
  2. Changes are retroactive for the current season.