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Barracks Barracks Supply (vs. Protoss)

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BBS is Terran's other all-in
Strategy Information


The "Barracks Barracks Supply" (BBS) opening refers to a Build Order in which two Barracks are constructed before the first Supply Depot. The goal of this aggressive opening is to attack the opponent early on with an overwhelming force of Marines and SCVs. If the attack fails, the game is usually lost.

Build Order[edit]

"Barracks Barracks Supply"
  • 8 - 2x Barracks[1][2]
  • 8 - SCV
  • 9 - Supply Depot
  • 10 - SCV
  • @100% Barracks - Marines[3]
  • @100% Barracks - send SCVs to scout
  • 14 - Supply Depot
  1. at 300 Minerals building both at the same time
  2. The Barracks must be built close to the own choke point or can be used as proxy. In case of a proxy the SCVs have to be sent early out of the own base
  3. no more SCVs are built


Opening with a Barracks Barracks Supply against Protoss is different than opening with the same strategy against Zerg. Other than vs. Zerg, the two Barracks usually enable the Terran to be safe from most Protoss strategies in the early game. However, a two Gateway Proxy Zealot rush might hard counter the opening, if the Barracks are built in a longer distance to the Terran base (Proxy Barracks).

The goal of this strategy is to immediately end the game after the first attack, hence the worker count is kept low in order to produce a greater amount of Marines early on. Two SCVs are sent out at the 8 Supply mark and around 250 Minerals have been harvested (for non-Proxy Barracks) to construct the Barracks simultaneously. In case of a Proxy Barracks Rush the SCVs can be sent out after 200 Minerals have been harvested.

The SCV constructing the first Supply Depot is usually sent back to mine minerals. The SCVs building the Barracks are used to scout the opponent. A first attack is launched in a time frame, in which Protoss has only a few amount of units, not more than one Dragoon and one Zealot. Depending on the opponent's reaction any amount of 2 - 6 SCVs can be brought into the attack to shield the Marines from Probe or Zealot attacks. It's paramount that the first attack deals a significant amount of damage. Theoretically speaking, the SCV production can be resumed once the second Supply Depot (14 Supply) is constructed. If Protoss opened with a Fast Expansion, like a Nexus at 12 Supply, the game is over, as the Protoss can only hardly defend. If the Protoss defends without suffering huges losses his technological advantage, he will be able to win the game right away.

However, if both players can not end the game, no mid game transition can be given. In most scenarios both will continue to slowly re-gain their strength after opening with a low economy build, until a rather ordinary Terran vs. Protoss strategy develops. A stronger Siege Tank and Medic/Marine mid game attack is another option for the Terran, if Protoss does not add Reavers or Psionic Storm early.

Notable Maps[edit]

  • Maps with small rushing distances support the strategy, while maps with large and difficult pathing and/or small choke points make the strategy harder to perform

Notable Games[edit]

Katrina South Korea Terran FlaSh 2008 Bacchus OSL final, vs 12 Nexus
South Korea Protoss Stork
Date: 2008-03-15
Patch: VOD
God's Garden South Korea Terran MVP 2009 TG Intel Classic Season 3 round 64 Group 16, vs 12/14 Nexus
South Korea Protoss Stork
Patch: VOD