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Barracks Barracks Supply (vs. Terran)

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BBS is Terran's other all-in
Strategy Information


The Barracks Barracks Supply build, also called BBS', consists of building two Barracks before a Supply Depot is made (generally both on 8 supply). Because it is very difficult to transition out of BBS it is considered an all-in build. It is capable of being used in any match-up, but it is most successful when the opponent either Fast Expands or Techs quickly. In many instances it is used as a surprise tactic, and is often utilized as a proxy to maximize the killing blow.

Build Order[edit]

In order for this build to be successful in this match-up, the Terran must build his two Barracks as a proxy and send a combination of Marines and SCVs along with the construction of a Bunker inside the main of his opponent. Factors to weigh in:

  • The opponent walled in
  • The opponent lifted his barracks / had made a proxy Barracks
  • High Ground / Low Ground

If he has made a wall-in, he must use his Marines to slide in through the wall and use the outside SCVs to attack the supply depots. At least 6 Marines are required to make it workable versus attacking SCVs.

If he has lifted his Barracks or made a proxy, the success rate is high, as the opponent will be unable to produce Marines or Bunker in for himself against the rush, and a Factory would be constructed wide in the open where it would be difficult to defend.

Marines often do not have vision up above a ramp and a competent player may stack SCVs on the tight space to slow the rush and give him enough time to produce Vultures. Consider rushing distances, length of the main to the natural, and entry points.


Successful BBS