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[e][h]Terran Battlecruiser
Unit Information
Large Air Unit
Cost: Minerals 400 Vespene Gas300 Build Time 84 Psi 6
Hitpoints 500 Armor 3
Ground Damage:
25 (+3)
Air Damage:
25 (+3)
Built From:


The Battlecruiser (Commonly abbreviated as BC) is one of the strongest air units in the game and perhaps the strongest unit in the Terran arsenal. However, its cost, build time, and high supply requirement (6) makes sure that it is also one of the lesser used units in competitive StarCraft. When Battlecruisers do get used, the Yamato Gun upgrade is very popular due to its extremely high damage. This is especially true in the Terran mirror match up where proper Yamato cloning can mean the difference between a victorious fight and losing all of your high cost BCs.

Note: The Yamato Gun has a greatly longer range than Battlecruisers' regular attack (10 as opposed to 6, respectively), almost as much as siege range (12), allowing you to destroy enemies from a safe distance.


Yamato Gun
 100      100      76 (fastest)
Gives Battlecruisers the Yamato Gun ability.
Colossus Reactor
 150      150      105 (fastest)
Increases the starting energy of the Battlecruiser to 62 and maximum energy to 250.


Cost: 150

Range: 10

The Yamato Gun fires an intense blast of concentrated energy at the target, doing 260 points of explosive damage.

Competitive Usage[edit]

versus Zerg[edit]

Battlecruisers are very rarely used in TvZ. Their ability to kill Scourge in one hit and the large damage the Yamato Gun causes to Ultralisks makes them somewhat useful but the Terran rarely has enough Gas in late game TvZ to spare for Battlecruisers. When Battlecruisers are used it is often in a late game turtling situation where the Zerg player cannot break into the Terran's base and the Terran holds onto a mineral surplus. Once the Terran begins to amass 5-6 BCs it becomes very hard for the Zerg player to do anything about it, although Defilers can effectively defend against them with Plague and Dark Swarm. It is interesting to note, however, that as a spell Yamato Gun hits through Dark Swarm instead of missing like most ranged attacks.

versus Terran[edit]

TvT is the match-up where Battlecruisers are used most often. This is because the games tend to last long enough for players to be able to afford them and because of the Battlecruiser's ability to break tank lines. These long TvT games are often decided by large Battlecruiser vs Battlecruiser battles, the outcome of which usually depends on the players' ability to clone the Yamato Gun, or sometimes a single EMP Shockwave. When using BCs in TvT it is very important to engage with the Yamato advantage or you may lose even with superior numbers. As Goliaths are needed to effectively fight them, Battlecruisers tend to be paired with Siege Tanks, thus diminishing the effectiveness of the Goliaths as a countermeasure. Another possible counter is mass wraiths, but an insufficient number will be defeated by a sizable Battlecruiser fleet. In some cases, however, cloaked wraiths can take advantage of a lack of scans or simply overwhelm Battlecruisers with sheer numbers. A curious thing to consider here is that, a fleet made up of Battlecruisers and Wraiths, where the ratio between the two units is roughly equal in terms of supply volume, will actually tend to do better against a fleet consisting entirely of either of the two.

versus Protoss[edit]

Again very rarely used, mostly because the Arbiter's Stasis Field and the High Templar's Psionic Storm abilities can render a whole fleet of Battlecruisers useless and even completely destroyed in a matter of seconds, since they clump up and move slowly. Dragoons, the backbone of the Protoss army in PvT, can fight cost efficiently as well.

If they are produced, which is unlikely since they are so expensive and considered weak, at least against Terran, Scouts and Dark Archons can counter for supply fairly well if they can be gotten sneakily. The Dark Archon can use Mind Control, and to a lesser extent, Feedback, to counter a Battlecruiser fleet.

With such decisive counters available for the Protoss, the Battlecruiser is regarded as largely ineffective in the TvP match-up.

The Yamato cannon however allows it to be extremely strong against massive units allowing it to sometimes being used to counter Carriers on island maps, when High Templar cannot be fielded or have not had the foresight to be fielded, such as when the Carriers are sieging.

Notable Games[edit]

versus Zerg[edit]

versus Terran[edit]

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