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Big Game Hunters/Building Placement

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This might seem like a trivial and insignificant thing to some, but if you watch replays of various top BGH players you'll notice one peculiar thing. That is that most of them have almost the same or at the very least, pretty similar building placement. There's one more thing that you should immediately notice, and that is that their building placement is very well structured and meticulously organized.

The reason for this is that as the game progresses on BGH, your money income gets bigger and bigger. That's why you always have to prepare for this in early game and place your buildings in such way that later you have the best used space efficiency.

The most important thing you should keep in mind when placing your buildings is to place them in an organized manner rather than scattered all around. This also helps when microing your units, you're able to quickly reproduce new batch of units by clicking on your gateways when they're right next to each other.

Building Placement for P[edit]

Building Placement for T[edit]

Building Placement for Z[edit]