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Big Game Hunters/PP match ups

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[e][h]ProtossPPX Match Ups
3v3 Teamplay
Strategy Information


PPR is one of the strongest choices on BGH. Having two Protoss players on the same team gives the third player a lot of options. Also having the R, not knowing what to prepare for leaves the other team guessing on how to open. This can give the PPR team a big advantage if the other team has opened with a bad guess or a late correction.


PPZ teams will generally have 1 player going tech. The only time when this is not the case is a mirror match. Offensive or containment cannons vs Terran opponents are common as a substitute for tech or an addition to it. Generally the P farthest from the enemies either distance wise or most well protected will go fast goons (FG or FD). The only cases where this is the incorrect build is when you face a mirror or ZZX opponents. In this case, it's best to have the Zerg tech to mutas, while the Protoss macro zealots and cover the Zerg. 11/12 PZ builds where Z opens with 12 hatch expo into mutas with cannon/zealot protection is also common.


PPT is the only PP match up where opening with fast goons is generally considered a bad idea. One protoss opening fast goons is only acceptable if the opponents are TTP or TTT. In most cases if PPT faces TXX or PPP the PPT Terran will need to tech. If PPT faces PPZ, ZZP, or ZZZ, M&M is preferable.


Generally considered the strongest possible race combination on BGH. PPP can open with FG if there are no Zergs or positions are 11/12 vs only one Zerg. Cannons vs Terrans are the same as with PPZ.


A P-War is the match-up when all players are Protoss. Koreans popularized the P-War matchup (on Hunters) because of the very unique playstyle that needs to be done in order to win. You should read easternPROTOSS' excellent teamplay guide, because all of the things he wrote apply here as well. Things that characterize P-War matchup the most are it's very fast paced, micro-orientated playstyle and quite unique build orders that needs to be executed with surgical precision. Since it's not secret that BGH is a Protoss favored map in teamgames, it came to no surprise that this matchup quickly became just as popular on BGH as well.