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Big Game Hunters/PTZ match ups

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[e][h]PTZ Match Ups
3v3 Teamplay
Strategy Information


PTZ is a strong choice due to the ability to draw from the strengths of all races.

Choosing the Proper Tech[edit]

Terran should always open with mech if he faces at least 1 other Terran or 3 Protoss. Zerg can open with tech and few lings if there's two other Zergs. Protoss should pretty much always open with at least 3 gate zealot before adding goons unless its a TTX in which case Protoss can either go goons or cannon rush or contain. In the PTZ mirror this can play out with either Zerg or Terran teching. Most of the time you'll see Terrans teching and Zergs going lings. This mirror can play out a number of ways and the optimal strategy depends a lot on positions.