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Big Game Hunters/Protoss Guide

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This guide will talk about playing a Protoss on BGH, your role as a Protoss in team games, choosing the optimal build order and more advanced tips 'n tricks that you need to know in order to play a high level games on BGH.

Role of Protoss in Team Games[edit]

Understanding Build Orders for Protoss[edit]

Just like on any other map, or in any other game type (1v1, 2v2 etc.), knowing the proper build orders is the most important thing to know in order in becoming a better player. Once you've learned, memorized and practiced all of the build orders, comes a much harder thing - choosing the right build order in real games.

Unlike playing a 1v1 on low maps where choosing a right build order is more flexible (meaning you have more choices to choose to surprise your opponent), choosing a right build order in BGH team games is pretty straightforward and you need to be able to understand the logic behind it.

There's a couple of things you need to know in order to learn this logic. First thing is that you have to know all the roles there are when playing BGH team games. You can read about these roles and choosing your role in BGH Beginners Guide. The second thing is an initiative concept introduced by easternPROTOSS in his BGH Teamplay guide.

After you've both read and understood all of these concepts, you should've start getting a clearer picture about choosing the right build order. When it comes to choosing roles, Protoss is the most versatile race on BGH, which is why it's considered by many as the strongest race on BGH. Protoss can pretty much play all roles, whether it's a meat shield or a techer. Choosing your role and eventually choosing your build order depends on various things, out of which most important is a match-up. This is where the initiative concept comes in play.

If we borrow easternPROTOSS' formula in determining the initiative value and say for example we're playing a PPT vs PPZ match-up, we'd get that PPT team has an initiative value of 5, while PPZ team has an initiative value of 7. Choosing the build order for each player would go as follows. PP's from PPT team would have to go at least 3 Gate build in order to provide cover for their Terran ally, who is either teching or going m&m. And they are the one who would be on the defensive side, due to the initiative value. Other team would obviously have a map control in beginning, thus making it easier for them to go teching. One P should definitely go FG build to handle the Terran while other P must go 3 Gate build then to provide cover for him.

This is a simple example and it doesn't get much complicated than this. The idea is to always go FG build with Protoss when you have the initiative advantage. If your initiative values are even (or close), a 2 Gate Goon or 3 Gate Goon are good build orders and if you're at initiative disadvantage, 3 Gate is pretty much the only choice. Of course, all of this is not set in stone as we all know that StarCraft is much more complicated than deciding your build order based on one variable (other variables include positions, players skill etc.), but this should give you a general idea on how to choose a proper build order with Protoss on BGH.

Tips 'n Tricks[edit]

Example Replay[edit]