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Big Game Hunters/Public Games

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Playing public games effectively requires a different approach than playing games where everyone is approximately the same skill level. You must keep in mind that your allies may not be very dependable and you cannot base your strategy or build around the idea that your ally will protect you or even assist you in attacking.

Reading the Game[edit]

Being able to know what your opponents will do is key to being prepared and playing smart. It turns out it's not that difficult to figure out, you just have to use your head. If your allies opened with defensive builds and you opened with units, you're the target. Recognizing when you need defense is key to staying alive and winning. Matching your allies' defense level and timing will allow you to blend in and not end up being the target. It is also important to recognize how aggressive your allies are being and match their level of aggression as well. If you're the only person attacking you're going to be the target. Generally conforming to the strategy that has already been laid out by your allies makes the game flow much smoother. When your opponents are picking a target you want to either be the target that is going to crush their attack with very minimal losses or you want your dud ally to be the target such that you can get a counter. Trading duds for their players is a winning strategy; do not ever save a dud.

Tricky builds (dt drops, lurker drops, cliffs etc) are usually even more effective on the pub level unless you're vs map hackers.


Generally speaking always go zealots. Most tech builds will get you killed unless you opened with cannons.
Assuming you open zealots make sure to read the game and choose the appropriate level of aggression with your zealots. It pays to wait until the enemies choose a target and pick a suitable counter. Cannon timing is very important in publics. It's hard to know when you need them so err on the side of caution if your allies look like duds. And since you're cannoning you may as well cannon the natural and prepare to expand when it fits. Expanding after a successful counter is generally good timing.


Terran generally plays the same, don't move before medics and stim if you're terran. If you went mech, make sure you get tanks in all the places that are the most obnoxious, this is true of all games, but vs lower level players they're usually more effective.


As zerg it is generally ill-advised to early pool. 12 pool is the safest pub build. If you know there's no other zergs, then 12 hatch is the stronger choice. There are situations when 9 pool is the only option. If you have confidence in one of your partners who faces an 11 vs 12, then 9 pool is the best option. Often times the best zerg strategy if you know your allies are iffy is just camp with a lot of sunkens and get mass mutas, hydra, lurker, or lurker drop. Any build that sacrifices your economy or leaves you vulnerable at any point in the game is a bad build.