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Bio Terran vs Zerg Ultralisk/Zergling

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[e][h]TerranBio Terran vs Zerg Ultralisk/Zergling
The Terran Vs Zerg Matchup
Strategy Information


The Bio Terran vs Ultralisk/Zergling end game is characterized by the Terran Marine/Medic ball supported by Siege Tanks and Science Vessels against Zerg Ultralisks and Zerglings supported by defilers. This article spans the entire match up of TvZ provided that it arrives at this endgame. This contrasts the use of the Terran Mech Build (Also known as the Fantasy Build.)

Below is a tree map for this match up:

Bio TvZ Timing[edit]

(More will go here just a link to full article for now)Bio Terran vs Zerg Ultralisk/Zergling Timing

Opening Build Options[edit]

When first picking up TvZ play it can be difficult to figure out the match-up. Below are the two options that a Terran player can take to follow this build as well as Terran-centric explanations of their Zerg counterpart:

Terran Opening Builds[edit]

Zerg Opening Builds[edit]


This section deals primarily with Terran All-ins and counters to Zerg all ins

Terran Cheese Options[edit]

Zerg Cheese Options[edit]

Early Game[edit]

This section deals with the Early game of the Bio TvZ match up. This section links to build orders and abstract strategies ranging from the from the beginning of the match through the natural expansion.

Terran Early Game Options[edit]

Zerg Early Game options[edit]


This section deals with the midgame of the Bio TvZ match-up ranging from the beginning of Tier 2 Tech through taking your third gas.

Terran Midgame Options[edit]

Zerg Midgame Options[edit]

Late Game[edit]

The Terran Late game articles deal with strategies to implement once the game has reached Tier 3 Tech and mass expansions

Terran Lategame Options[edit]

Zerg Lategame Options[edit]