Map Information
김규재 (CarlSagan)
Space Platform
Spawn Positions:
2 at 2,10
Competition Span:
Aug 2006 – Apr 2007


Blitz was used in the 2006 SKY ProLeague Round 2 and in the 2006 Pringles MBCGame StarLeague Season 2.

Blitz X is the updated version of the map Blitz. This map was first introduced during the GOMTV MSL S1 and also used during the MBC Survivor 10th and the MBC Survivor 11th.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Mineral X - A big change from its predecessor, Blitz, Blitz X features an X made of minerals and a small mineral path through that allows small units to walk through instead of Blitz's big mineral wall, allowing scouts to arrive at the enemy's base quicker.
  • Single gas expo - Expansion at 12 no longer has two geysers, a change from Blitz.

Map Version Images[edit]

Notable Games[edit]