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Poland Poland
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Single-elimination Playoffs
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The "Bombastic StarLeague" is a tournament series organized by ZZZero and BSL staff to support StarCraft and StarCraft:Remastered community outside of Korea. BSL started as a tournament only for Polish players, eventually becoming the biggest online tournament in the scene. Blizzard became a sponsor in season 5, and Liquipedia became sponsors in season 8. [1][2]

Pro League[edit]

Pro League is the highest tier of competition in BSL.

#12013-04-20Poland  trutaCzPoland  ZZZeroPoland  Bonyth
#22013-10-06Poland  trutaCzPoland  ZZZeroPoland  SouthPark
#32018-01-21Russia  DewaltPeru  TerrOrPeru  Dandy
#42018-06-16Peru  DandyPoland  kogeTBelgium  eOnzErG
#52018-12-23Belgium  eOnzErGPoland  BonythPoland  trutaCz
#62019-03-24Poland  trutaCzPoland  BonythRussia  Dewalt
#72019-11-03Poland  trutaCzBelgium  eOnzErGPoland  Bonyth
#82020-02-16Poland  BonythRussia  g0rynichCanada  TT1
#92020-06-07Poland  BonythPoland  trutaCzRussia  g0rynich
#102020-11-08Poland  BonythRussia  DewaltBelgium  eOnzErG
#112021-04-03Poland  BonythPeru  TerrOrSweden  OyA
#122021-05-30Peru  TerrOrPoland  BonythPoland  trutaCz

Other events[edit]

In the first season all participants played in the same bracket. In season 2, there were 2 tiers of competition, separating top players from the rest, giving players a more enjoyable experience.

Starting from season 4, BSL was separated in 2 tiers: Pro League for high level players and Chobo League for mid/low level players. Gosu League was added in season 6, as tournament for mid-tier players.

Gosu league[edit]

Tournament Date
BSL6 GosuLeague 2019-02-02 United States  Ty2 Peru  CastrO Chile  UltrA Germany  Cryoc
BSL7 GosuLeague 2019-09-14 Sweden  OyA   Yeti Poland  Ziggy Russia  Bandy
BSL8 GosuLeague 2020-01-04 United Kingdom  CadenZie Sweden  Favorit Sweden  KameZerg Germany  Cryoc
BSL9 GosuLeague 2020-04-17 Germany  Bakuryu United States  Jaeyun United States  Ty2   Tech
BSL10 GosuLeague 2020-09-29 Poland  Tarson   Browne   DarK   Yugox
BSL11 GosuLeague 2021-02-26 United States  Jaeyun Croatia  Ptak   Tim Poland  Julia
BSL12 GosuLeague 2021-05-08   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD

Hasu league[edit]

Tournament Date
BSL11 HasuLeague 2021-02-26   MasterReY Russia  Dreamer   Maars   SONE
BSL12 HasuLeague 2021-05-01   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD

Chobo league[edit]

Tournament Date
BSL5 ChoboLeague 2018-11-09 Sweden  Naugrim United States  Nyoken Finland  Napoleon
BSL6 ChoboLeague 2019-02-02   Chego   Seriosity   Vingzil   fischei
BSL7 ChoboLeague 2019-09-14   Future   AOT   Cold
BSL8 ChoboLeague 2020-01-04   Shad   father   eCiN
BSL9 ChoboLeague 2020-04-17   LML   White   father
BSL10 ChoboLeague 2020-09-26 United States  Machine   Telecom   LML
BSL11 ChoboLeague 2021-02-26 South Korea  Mighty   aegistal   MichaeL   NinjoOb
BSL12 ChoboLeague 2021-05-01   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD

Nation Wars[edit]

BSL has hosted nation wars twice, during BSL6 and BSL9.

Ladder tournaments[edit]

Many ladder tournaments have been hosted during BSL seasons. They served multiple purposes:

  • As qualifiers for Pro League
  • Incentive for players to play ladder games (only players with enough games on their BSL ladder account were allowed)
  • A way to gain points and qualify for BSL10, a major anniversary tournament with $5000 prizepool.
Tournament Date
BSL4 King of the Hill series 2018-02-01 Russia  Dewalt United States  Ty2 Peru  TerrOr Hungary  Sziky
BSL4 Ladder Tournament #1 2018-02-03 Russia  Dewalt Hungary  Sziky Peru  TerrOr   Yeti
BSL4 Ladder Tournament #2 2018-02-10 Hungary  Sziky Russia  Dewalt Norway  Eriador Germany  Cryoc
BSL4 Ladder Tournament #3 2018-02-17 United States  Ty2 Russia  Dewalt   Dienmax Russia  LancerX
BSL4 Ladder Tournament #4 2018-02-24 Russia  g0rynich Peru  TerrOr Russia  Dewalt Russia  Casper
BSL5 Ladder Tournament #1 2018-10-16 Belgium  eOnzErG Poland  trutaCz Poland  Bonyth Peru  TerrOr
BSL5 King of the Hill 2018-10-18 Russia  Dewalt
BSL5 Ladder Tournament 2 2018-10-23 Poland  Bonyth / Russia  Dewalt Russia  spx Peru  TerrOr
BSL5 Ladder Tournament #3 2018-10-25 Russia  Dewalt Poland  trutaCz United States  Ty2 Peru  TerrOr
BSL6 Ladder Tournament #1 2019-01-05 Peru  Dandy Russia  g0rynich Germany  Cryoc United States  Ty2
BSL6 Ladder Tournament #2 2019-01-10 Poland  trutaCz Belgium  eOnzErG Russia  Dewalt Lithuania  Arew
BSL6 Ladder Tournament #3 2019-01-15 Russia  Dewalt Peru  Dandy Lithuania  Arew   TrutaCz
BSL7 Ladder Tournament #1 2019-08-24 Poland  Bonyth Belgium  eOnzErG Poland  trutaCz Russia  Dewalt
BSL7 Ladder Tournament #2 2019-08-31 Russia  Dewalt Belgium  eOnzErG Poland  trutaCz Peru  LaAbuela
BSL7 Ladder Tournament #3 2019-09-07 Russia  Dewalt Belgium  eOnzErG Poland  Bonyth Peru  TerrOr
BSL8 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #1 2019-12-07 Sweden  Favorit   UltraLinG   InDi   PaSs
BSL8 Ladder Open #1 2019-12-08 Russia  Dewalt Poland  Bonyth Peru  TerrOr Russia  Casper
BSL8 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #2 2019-12-14 United Kingdom  CadenZie   Radley Finland  Napoleon   UltraLinG
BSL8 Ladder Open #2 2019-12-15 United States  Ty2 Russia  g0rynich Russia  spx Peru  CastrO
BSL8 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #3 2019-12-21 Spain  SquaLL United States  StRyKeR   UltraLinG Finland  Napoleon
BSL8 Ladder Open #3 2019-12-22 United States  Ty2 Russia  Dewalt Poland  Bonyth   IGotSunshine
BSL9 Ladder Open #1 2020-03-28 Belgium  eOnzErG Russia  Dewalt Canada  DragOn Russia  Casper
BSL9 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #1 2020-03-29   vt-razz   InDi   White   UltraLinG
BSL9 Ladder Open #2 2020-04-04 Poland  Bonyth Peru  Gosudark Poland  trutaCz Germany  Cryoc
BSL9 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #2 2020-04-07 United States  StRyKeR   UltraLinG   InDi   lazersnipe
BSL10 Ladder Open #1 2020-08-29 Russia  Dewalt Russia  g0rynich United States  StRyKeR Peru  Gosudark
BSL10 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #1 2020-09-03 Russia  Dreamer   Thebis   fischei   Szinkler
BSL10 Ladder Open #2 2020-09-05 Russia  Dewalt Poland  trutaCz Peru  Gosudark Germany  Cryoc
BSL10 Ladder Gosu & Chobo #2 2020-09-10 Poland  Tarson   fischei   Thebis   zERM
BSL11 Ladder Open #1 2021-01-30 Russia  Dewalt Canada  cRoSs Russia  Casper Peru  TerrOr
BSL11 Ladder Chobo #1 2021-02-04 Sweden  Favorit   Thebis   Darkysh   Radley
BSL11 Ladder Open #2 2021-02-06 Russia  Dewalt Hungary  Sziky Russia  Casper Sweden  OyA
BSL11 Ladder Chobo #2 2021-02-09 Sweden  Favorit   Thebis   fischei   SilencePlz
BSL11 Ladder Open #3 2021-02-20 Russia  Dewalt Russia  Casper North Macedonia  OctZerg   ShibaTerran

ProLeague Medals Count[edit]

Medals won per Race[edit]

Race Total
Zerg 7 9 9 25
Terran 3 3 1 7
Protoss 9 7 9 25

Medals won per Player[edit]

Medals won per Country[edit]

Poland Poland87520
Peru Peru2215
Russia Russia1225
Belgium Belgium1124
United States USA1012
Croatia Croatia0101
Canada Canada0011
Sweden Sweden0011

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