Bombastic StarLeague 10/Seeding

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BSL10 seeding process[edit]

  • BSL champions - 3 slots for BSL 7/8/9 winners.
  • BSL points - 20 slots, for top 20 players in BSL 10 points ranking.
  • BSL10 open Ladder - 8 slots, players ranked #1-8 qualify.
    • Players #10 - #41 qualify for GosuLeague
    • Players #42 and below qualify for Choboleague
  • Last chance tournament - 1 slot, players ranked #9-24 from BSL Open Ladder participate

BSL10 points[edit]

Point distribution[edit]


  • Official BSL10 Point standings are on the BSL page.
  • Top 20 players qualified for BSL10. Winners of BSL seasons 7, 8 and 9 were excluded from the top20.
  • Players who did not show up for their games, did not get points in that current season. But they were eligible to participate and play in the upcoming seasons.


  • Since Bonyth won BSL seasons 8 and 9, an extra BSL10 spot was given to #23 in the ranking.

Open Ladder[edit]

Last Chance tournament[edit]