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BSL6 Ladder Stage

The BSL6 Ladder Stage is a preliminary competition for Bombastic StarLeague 6. It features ladder format and being held from Sunday, December 23, 2018 through to January 26, 23:59 CET, 2019. [1][2]


  • Any non-Korean player can make a StarCraft:Remastered account with BSL6- tag and submit it on tournament's official web page;
  • After that participant plays regular ladder;
  • Top 20 players at the end of the Ladder Stage qualify for the BSL6 ProLeague;
  • Top 21 to 53 players from the ladder stage will advance to the BSL6 GosuLeague
  • Top 54 to 100 players from the ladder stage will advance to BSL6 ChoboLeague

Ladder Tournaments[edit]

To encourage players to play ladder more, few tournaments were hosted. Only players with BSL6-accounts were allowed to play.


13967 games played in total.

Color Description
Red ProLeague
Green GosuLeague
Blue ChoboLeague
Gold Player is seeded from BSL5, ladder rank does not matter
White Not qualified, or qualified but did not confirm participation.