BSL8 Ladder Stage

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The BSL8 Ladder Stage is a preliminary competition for Bombastic StarLeague 8. It features ladder format and will be held from December 1 to December 28, 23:59 CET, 2019. [1] [2]


  • Any non-Korean player can make a StarCraft:Remastered account with BSL8- tag and submit it on tournament's official web page;
  • The top 20 players from the Ladder Stage get seeded directly into BSL8 ProLeague;
  • Players ranked #21 to #53 from the Ladder Stage get seeded into BSL8 GosuLeague;
  • All remaining Ladder Stage participants who completed at least 20 ladder games get seeded into BSL8 ChoboLeague.

Ladder Tournaments[edit]

To encourage players to play ladder more, multiple tournaments were hosted. Only players with BSL8-accounts and more than 20 games played on ladder were allowed to play. Everyone with at least 20 games on their BSL8 account was allowed to play in Open Tours, while the Gosu & Chobo tours were restricted to players below #32 in BSL10 Point rank at the time of the ladder tour.

Tour Date
Gosu/Chobo #1 December 7, 2019 Russia  Favorit Romania  UltraLinG Spain  InDi Hungary  PaSs
Gosu/Chobo #2 December 14, 2019 United Kingdom  CadenZie Poland  Radley Finland  Napoleon Romania  UltraLinG
Gosu/Chobo #3 December 21, 2019 Spain  Squall United States  StRyKeR Romania  UltraLinG Finland  Napoleon
Open #1 December 8, 2019 Russia  Dewalt Poland  Bonyth Peru  TerrOr Russia  Casper
Open #2 December 15, 2019 United States  Ty2 Russia  G0rynich Russia  spx Peru  CastrO
Open #3 December 22, 2019 United States  Ty2 Russia  Dewalt Poland  Bonyth United States  IGotSunshine

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