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This is a technique used where a player will (usually) sacrifice a unit in order to inflict damage upon the opponent(s). To be cost effective it is best to use cheap units such as workers, zealots, marines, zerglings, or hallucinations. There are two types of bombing; the most common of which is by use of a shuttle, dropship, or overlord to drop units right on or next to enemy units that deal splash damage to friendly/allied units. The other method would be to use fast and cheap units to move into and around enemy units.

  • Dropship Use
  • Zealot Bombing
  • Worker Bombing
  • Hallucination
  • Suicide Bombing
  • Mine Dragging
  • Tank Splash
  • Lurker Splash
  • Broodling

Air Bombing[edit]

Ground Bombing[edit]

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