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[e][h]Terran BoxeR
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lim Yo Hwan
September 4, 1980 (age 42)
Alternate IDs:
SlayerS_`BoxeR`, gonia119, Manofoneway, SlayerSBoxeR
The Emperor, Emperor of Terran(人皇), HE/HIM, Hwangjae Terran, 包哥
Approx. Total Winnings:
2001 Hanbitsoft OSL2001 Coca-Cola OSLWCG 2001WCG 2002KPGA 1st Tour
2001-01-?? — 2002-10-??
2002-10-?? — 2003-12-??
2003-12-?? — 2004-04-??
2004-04-?? — 2006-12-??
2006-12-?? — 2008-12-??
2008-12-?? — 2010-??-??

Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwan is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who played Terran for SK Telecom T1. BoxeR is famous for his micro control and innovation, and is one of the most recognizable progamers in the history of progaming.

He played Terran and was the head coach for SK Telecom T1 in StarCraft II.


As the most popular StarCraft player with a fan club of more than 600,000 members and a DVD compilation of his greatest games released in South Korea, he is widely regarded in e-Sports as an iconic figure. Because of his long dominance during the rise of StarCraft’s popularity in South Korea Lim earned the title of The Emperor within the StarCraft community.

Boxer first came to fame by dominating professional StarCraft while choosing to use the Terran race over Protoss at a time when this was seen as a relatively weak choice in comparison to the other two StarCraft races. His first major win was the Hanbitsoft OSL, a great victory for the Terran race and Boxer himself, as there were no Terrans at all the previous OSL. His near-undefeated run through the whole Starleague (with only one loss to Kingdom in the semifinals) would start a new era of progaming.

Lim Yo Hwan is a two time Starleague champion, KPGA Tour champion, two time WCG champion, and also the former captain of SK Telecom T1, a team that was originally built around him with players he hand-picked. After his loss to Reach in the SKY 2002 OSL, his father disputed with the team he was currently in, IS (now Lecaf), and Boxer was forced to make Orion (now SKT T1), initially containing talents such as Sigamari, IntoTheRainbow and the monster Terran, iloveoov. Boxer took iloveoov under his wing and he eventually became a two time OSL and three time MSL champion. His team has consistently been one of the most successful in the team leagues.

BoxeR, along with GARIMTO and YellOw, have been said by many fans as the progamers who revolutionized early progaming strategy, with such strategies as the Tank Drop and the Double Barrack Cheese. During this early time in his career he innovated heavily, making much more effective use of the Terran Dropship unit than had been achieved in the past. BoxeR also gained a reputation for being able to turn around matches against the odds and having excellent Micromanagement skills. In contrast, his weakness is thought to be his macro management, at least when compared to other top-level professional StarCraft players.[1]

Although no longer as strong of a player as during his prime, he ranked 11th in the April 2006 Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) rankings, and made it to the final of the EVER OSL 2004, only to lose 2-3 to his team member iloveoov, as well as the final of the So1 OSL 2005, again losing 2-3 to AnyTime. In August 2006 Lim announced at the MSL group draws that he had received his draft letter from the government, and would be entering the Air Force by the end of the year. He later said he would try his best to return after his 2 and a half years of service.

After Lim joined the Air Force he started putting his fame into work, after a month and a half an army progaming team was created, and BoxeR found some retired progamers who joined the army before him, including H.O.T-Forever, Clon, ChRh, fOru, Rage, Qoo)Sunny and MuMyung. Together they formed the first army progaming team ever. After 2 months the team was announced, ACE (Airforce Challenge E-sports) was official, Air Force ACE. ACE’s first team league was the Shinhan Bank Proleague 2007 and has played in every Proleague since.

In December 2008, when his mandatory military service ended, Boxer returned to his team SK Telecom T1 and was on the A-team roster. However, he saw little play time, and in 2010, Boxer did not renew his progaming license. Instead, he began to play StarCraft 2.


  • Once tried to change his username to [Orion]JungTerran, but made the announcement before registering the name on Battle.Net. The account and similar variations were promptly swept up by Korean netizens.[2]
  • Played as Protoss at first, switching due to the lack of Terran players at the time.
  • In 2003, OGN released a DVD compilation of BoxeR's best performances up to that point, calling it the 'Lim Yo-Hwan Special Edition.'[3]
  • Wrote an autobiography, Crazy As Me, published in 2004.
  • After his transition to StarCraft II and during an intermission due to Internet issues at IPL3: Origins in Atlantic City in 2011, played an impromptu series against HuK - who had never before played Brood War at a professional level. The two of them took one game each.[4]
  • Does not draw well - a fact that his SKT1 teammates once got a massive laugh out of. During a game of Pictionary during a break, he was asked to draw a hair dryer but inadvertently drew what looked like male genitalia.[5]
  • His wife is Korean actress and eSports manager Kim Ga Yeon (Jessica).[6]
  • On a 2015 episode of the popular SBS show Running Man, he and YellOw were on opposite teams. As part of the episode, the two of them played a game on Python, which Boxer won.[7]


Year Team Wins Losses Ratio vs. Terran vs. Zerg vs. Protoss Best Finish
2000 IS 23 19 54.8% 8-5 8-8 7-6 ---
2001 IS 84 30 73.7% 16-11 40-6 28-13 Hanbitsoft OSL, Coca-Cola OSL, WCG 2001
2002 Orion 55 41 57.3% 17-11 28-22 10-8 KPGA 1st Tour, WCG 2002
2003 Orion 51 45 53.1% 14-11 24-19 13-15 ---
2004 SKT 47 42 52.8% 19-18 21-12 7-12 EVER 2004 OSL
2005 SKT 38 28 57.6% 9-3 11-6 18-19 So1 OSL
2006 SKT 21 19 52.5% 4-9 13-4 4-6 ---
2007 ACE 19 26 42.2% 9-10 5-5 5-11 ---
2008 ACE 10 18 35.7% 3-6 5-7 2-5 ---
2009 SKT 1 3 25.0% 0-1 1-1 0-1 ---

Matchup Statistics[edit]

Matchup Games Wins Losses Winrate
vs P 194 99 95 51 %
vs T 163 85 78 52.1 %
vs Z 241 143 98 59.3 %
All 600 328 272 54.7 %


In A0Premier Tournaments
2005-11-05BA2ndA0Premier2005 So1 OSLSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 3$8,050
2004-11-20BA2ndA0Premier2004 EVER OSLSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 3$8,050
2004-02-28AA1stA0PremierLG IBM MBC Team League4U4 : 2KTF MagicNsKTF MagicNs$2,558.50
2004-01-04BA2ndA0Premier2003 KT KTF Premier League4 Union4 Union1 : 3$13,600
2002-11-03AA1stA0PremierWCG 2002OrionOrion2 : 0$20,000
2002-10-12BA2ndA0Premier2002 SKY OSLOrionOrion1 : 3$8,050
2001-12-09AA1stA0PremierWCG 2001Ideal SpaceIdeal Space2 : 0$20,000
2001-09-08AA1stA0Premier2001 Coca-Cola OSLIdeal SpaceIdeal Space3 : 2$8,050
2001-05-05AA1stA0Premier2001 Hanbitsoft OSLIdeal SpaceIdeal Space3 : 0$8,050
In A1Major Tournaments
2006-10-03AA1 - 2ndA1Major (Sh.M.)2006 CJ SuperFight 1SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T13 : 2$8,842
Complete list of results in any tournament

Earnings Breakdown[edit]

Earnings Statistics

Notable Events/Leagues[edit]

Place Year Event/League
A11st 2004 G-Voice OnGameNet Challenge League
A11st 2003 Toona Big4 Special
A22nd 2003 Ting KBC Super Game Show Tournament
A11st 2003 KTF Bigi Four Kings Battle
A22nd 2002-2003 KTEC KPGA Winners Championship
A11st 2002 iTV Adieu 2001! Super Gosu Match
A11st 2001 GGTV Star Wars Episode 2
A22nd 2001-2002 iTV Ranking 3rd League
A11st 2001 WCG Korea Finals
A22nd 2001 iTV All-Star 8 Exhibition
A11st 2001 OnGameNet Last 1.07 Special Match
A11st 2001 32 Progamer Invitational
A11st 2000 Samsung Digital KIGL King of Kings Tournament
A33rd 2000-2001 iTV 2nd Ranking League
A11st 2000 Korea.cnet Game Tournament
A22nd 2000 Fall Samsung Digital Korea Internet Game League


WCG Champion
WCGC 2000
Preceded By:
South Korea Zerg GoRush
WCG 2001
9th December 2001 - Continued
South Korea Terran BoxeR
WCG 2002
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran BoxeR
WCG 2001
Preceded By:
South Korea Terran BoxeR
WCG 2002
Continued - 15th October 2003
South Korea Terran BoxeR
WCG 2003
Succeeded By:
South Korea Zerg Ogogo
OSL Champion
Freechal OSL
Preceded By:
South Korea Protoss GARIMTO
Hanbitsoft OSL
5th May 2001-Reigning Champion
South Korea Terran BoxeR
Coca-Cola OSL
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran BoxeR
Hanbitsoft OSL
Preceded By:
South Korea Terran Boxer
Coca-Cola OSL
Reigning Champion-28th December 2001
South Korea Terran BoxeR
Succeeded By:
South Korea Protoss GARIMTO
MSL Champion

Preceded By:
KPGA 1st Tour
14th April 2002-22nd June 2002
South Korea Terran BoxeR
Reebok KPGA 2nd Tour
Succeeded By:
South Korea Terran NaDa

Other Achievements[edit]

  • First player to achieve 100 wins in OnGameNet Starleagues (OSL)
  • First player to win more than one OSL (2001 Hanbitsoft OSL, 2001 Coca Cola OSL)
  • First player to win two consecutive OSLs
  • Longest time 1st ranked in the KeSPA Ranking with 17 consecutive months (ranking formula was changed afterwards)
  • Ranked in the KeSPA Top 30 for 61 consecutive months
  • Only player to win two WCG Grand Finals.



Notable Games[edit]





Further reading[edit]


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